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Monday Morning Blog

Happy Monday, I hope you are well, that you had a good weekend OMG what beautiful weather we enjoyed here in the South of England first three days were dry cold sunny with bright blue skies. Wonderful weather, empty roads, no traffic due to half term life could not have been better.

Did you see the start of the BBC 1 series The Night Manager? It is an adaptation of a John  Le Carre novel it has the makings of being an excellent six part series, one of stars is the lady detective from Broadchurch who is on excellent form.

OMG the referendum perhaps they should rename it The Hokey Kokey in out in out shake it all about. The one thing going for the stay in party is that people in general do not like change or the unknown, people tend to be risk averse, leaving the EU might be a leap into the dark too far for a lot of people.


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Happy Monday, I hope you are well, that you had a good weekend and that St Valentine’s Day was all you wanted it to be and more.

I hope you are ready for this week the weather is going to be cold, crisp and frosty, may even have a dusting of snow.

My week started off in an interesting styleee, Gaia from +39 Italy sadly was unwell and unable to travel to the UK, so on the basis that the show must go on I continued with the plans of meeting lovely clients on my own and did the presentation on Italy the destination and +39 Italy the DMC. I was quite amazed at actually how much I know about Italy.  I worked out that I have been to Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan all the locations where +39 Italy have offices, I have also been to Sorrento, Naples and numerous ski resorts in Italy as well as Sicily. I think Sicily is overlooked and underrated, it’s a brilliant destination.  Mount Etna never fai...

It can’t be!  Surely not?  OMG it is, it’s Monday again, I’m sure there is a conspiracy going on because it doesn’t feel to me like the weekend was two days. I’m quite sure that in twenty years’ time maybe even ten years’ time the weekend will be three days, Friday Saturday and Sunday, I think that seems to be about right. 

Anyway it is what it is, happy Monday guys, I hope you had a good weekend.  I spent most of my weekend recovering from a terrific week on the road, I went to Leeds, Manchester, Richmond, London, Berkshire, I did about a thousand miles last week with the lovely Mathilde of TA DMC Spain and the awesome Filipe of TA DMC Portugal.

We met up with some terrific “frients”; clients that have become friends.  We also introduced Filipe and Mathilde to some new potential clients and met up with some clients that I have not seen for a while they have simply just been too...

Monday Morning greetings from London W10, I hope you’re well.

How did you enjoy the first week of real winter last week? Most of the week it was really cold but dry, crisp with clear blue skies. I was out and about meeting clients last week so had the best of our Alpine like days. This week, the weather people tell us will be very different from last week there will be rain and double figure temperatures. I have to say I really did enjoy the crisp but cold, sunny days, it gives one a good to be alive type feeling.

This week I’m out and about with Filipe de Pina and Mathilde Arthaud from TA DMC Portugal and Spain, I am, as always contactable on my mobile 07710-031475. If you see me on the M1 motorway on the way to Leeds give us a wave.  Oh before I forget, if you are in the mood for a party today, Monday 25th January is (Robbie) Burns night and day.  If you are off for a wee dinner of Haggi...

Monday Morning greetings from London W10, as I’m writing this to you the sun is shining in a crystal clear blue sky and thank goodness I’m looking at it from inside and not outside as it’s really cold out there. This is our first real taste of winter and actually it’s not that bad.  We need a bit of winter, I was in Hampstead Garden suburb last week and the Daffodils were out in the gardens, that is ridiculous.

OMG  David Bowie and Alan Rickman both have gone to meet their maker; RIP. Iran it seems are back in the “game” and if the USA aren’t careful Iran will have the capabilities, in the not too distant future to hasten the departure of a lot of innocent people. Let’s hope the USA and the World’s Nuclear watchdog teams are on top of their game.   

We are just about to enter the third week of January and I’m delighted to say that things are definitely back to normal, client...

Monday Morning greetings from a chilly, wet London W10, hope you are well.

Did you see the news last week? The BBC Sports Desk was reporting from the sun drenched, crystal clear blue skies of South Africa, they were reporting on the international cricket match between South Africa and the English Cricket team. Not wanting to bore you with the fact that England threw away a 500 run advantage leading to the game being a draw the weather in South Africa was amazing this is sooooo the perfect time to go, cold here nice and warm there if you want to know more about South Africa I am sure Shaun and Brad of The Inside Edge would be delighted to hear from you. Indeed if your clients want instant sunshine Dubai, Miami, Mauritius, Cancun also work very, very well this time of year.

OMG what sad news David Bowie has died, an amazing creative icon of the past four decades is no longer....

Happy New Year, Monday morning greetings come to you from a very quiet London W10, I hope you are well and that you had an awesome Christmas and New Year break. If however you are reading this overlooking some tropical beach somewhere or gazing at snowless ski slopes then at the clear blue snow cloudless sky then back at the snowless ski slopes hoping it will snow before the airlines makes the announcement for the final call before they close the gate of your departing plane home then I hope you are still enjoying your end of year break.

My Christmas and New Year arrangements did not go according to plan by any stretch of the imagination more of that in the Leyla and Hannah bit of this e mail.    

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To be honest there is no news whatsoever from our DMCs they are enjoying a well-earned end of year vacation.


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