Welcome to the last full week of May, now I’m making a prediction here that you won’t know that The Mama’s and Papa’s wrote a song called Monday, Monday and The Bangles sang It’s just a manic Monday written, would you believe by the late Prince.  What a talent that left us far too early. 

Can anybody else think of a song written about Monday?  Anyway, I’m rambling a bit, well it is Sunday evening.

I hope you have a great week last week.  I did, I was in Frankfurt at IMEX, saw lots of lovely client type people and friends, met up with lots of DMCs and actually saw quite a bit of Frankfurt this time as I went on the IMEX 5K run at 7AM on Wednesday. The run was along the River Main which runs through Frankfurt, it was a beautiful morning. 

As a lot of the DMCs MM and Company represent were at IMEX or simply are up to the eyeballs in operating events, delivering site inspections or pr...

Super sunny sunshine greetings on this marvellous Monday morning, the sun is shining and all is good in the world that is according to me, I hope it’s the same for you.

Last week I was out all week meeting our awesome clients with Anusha of Connections DMC Mauritius and Martin of e+o meeting, event & travel management GmbH Austria.  It was a great week, we met some lovely people who work with MM and Company and the DMCs we represent, we had great weather and the company was perfect, a terrific week.

It’s IMEX week, so Tuesday to Thursday, I will be in Frankfurt, it goes without saying that if you need anything from me I will be on my mobile and of course Sandra, Katharine and Rachel are in the office reading my emails and doing all the other things they do so well.

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IMEX May 2017
IMEX Frankfurt is this week, here is the list of DMCs that MM a...

Happy May Monday morning, I hope you had a great Mayday Bank holiday and a wonderful short four day week last week.

I’m going to make a prediction here, I think within the next twenty years we will all have permanent four day weeks. You know a hundred odd years ago everybody worked six days a week, then it became five days a week and as automation grows and jobs disappear, I can see us all working four days a week and job sharing.  Won’t do me any good but it might give some of you something to look forward to.

So did you do anything special over May day bank holiday?  I took myself off to Paris, we have a great relationship with Pascal, Managing Director of Nacara DMC Paris and he invited me over to spend some time with him and the team at Nacara DMC Paris France. I had forgotten what an amazing world city Paris is, there are some amazing sites to see with fun ways to see them like in the...

Happy Monday Morning, it seems ages since I last chatted to you on a Monday morning.  I guess that’s because last Monday was Easter Monday and there was no Monday morning email.  Anyway, it’s nice to be back on Monday morning saying Hello

Poor old Paris, a world city for sure, but a world city that at the moment is being bashed about a bit. Although Paris being such a wonderful indeed beautiful city it won’t take long for Paris to bounce back if it hasn’t already. London took a hit a few weeks ago and I don’t think it has made nay difference to the number of visitors we are getting I was in London Sunday morning it was heaving, not with Londoners but with visitors of all nationalities gauging by the languages being spoken.

So we have a General Election coming up, for sure a good move on the part of the Conservative party, a pretty poor move for business in general.  It just adds more...

Hooray, welcome to the start of your four day week this week and your four day next week at last Easter is just round the corner.  The roads are quiet, the traffic is light, the kids are on half term, parking in London is easy, even The City of London was quiet last week when I was flying around bits of London with Gaia Terrazzi of +39 Italy.  Gaia was over meeting some clients, spreading the word on how awesome and diverse the country of Italy truly is, we had a great few days expounding the virtues of Rome, Venice, Milan and Florence as well as Sicily and Sardinia.  

OMG what an amazing weekend of weather we have just had 24 degrees C wall to wall sunshine, not a cloud in the sky it was actually shorts weather my legs got their first sairing of the year. Sadly it won’t last, this week the weather will be not great and the temperature will be half of what we have just enjoyed, well...

Happy sunny, dry, warm Monday morning, this is more like it. Blossom blooming or is that blooming blossom all over the place, all over my car this morning as well, I have to say the car looked rather fetching if messy.

The month of March, tick, done and sorted, hello April.

While you were all basking in spring sunshine and even a little spring rain pre April showers, I was enjoying the amazing sights and scenes of Reykjavik and the Icelandic countryside with Kristin, Linda, Linda, Linda (yes three Lindas at Nordic Visitor DMC) Ylfa, Fjola and the team at Nordic Visitor.  The weather was good, sunny, dry, blue sky on only a little chilly in fact it was a balmy four degrees during the day.  I had hoped for snow but you can’t have everything so my Mum tells me.  We enjoyed a dip in the Blue Lagoon, a volcanically heated thermal pool (not warm enough for me), a trip to the Langjokull Glacier i...

Good Morning, happy Monday, generally in fact almost all the time I like Monday, I’m even more delighted about this Monday, it’s light and sunny and dry and hope springs eternal. I hope you had a good weekend and that you are ready for the week ahead, I certainly am.  It’s that time of year again where the clocks have just sprung forward an hour to welcome in Spring and I’m so happy to see the back of the winter.  April will be here on Saturday then May, then June, my time of year. 

I had a terrific week last week with Filipe de Pina of TA DMC Portugal, we saw lots of my favourite people, drove about 900 miles maybe more, we went down to Brighton, up to Leicester then on to Derby around Oxford and back again.  

I feel I must make mention of the tragic events that occurred on Westminster Bridge and outside the Houses of Parliament, many people have had their lives changed forever...

It’s Monday again, I’m sure that we are now on a three day week as I simply cannot believe another week has just disappeared and we are now into the middle of March. I bet my big brother Allan can believe it as on Wednesday he officially becomes a Pensioner, chuckle chuckle, laugh out loud. Of course Allan J Marks is very much older than me by at least 15 years. He is going to be spitting feathers when he reads this.

I hope you all enjoyed the lovely weather we had last week. Sunny, dry, warm, the weather was personally imported from Marrakesh by me.  For sure I brought the dry and the sunny back, the heat is not quite there yet but we are working on it.

So did you do anything for St Patricks Day?  I had planned to take the girls to the St Patricks Festival in Trafalgar Square on Sunday, chance would have been a fine thing, both had other ideas and plans, beside the weather was dull, grey...

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