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Ms Imola Goro, Manager

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COSMOS DMC was established in 1991 and has been serving clients with professionalism and integrity. That is the reason we now stand out as one of the leading Destination Management Companies in Hungary. Whatever your style, budget, preferences and objectives, COSMOS has the tools and connections to deliver.

Creative planning, seamless organisation and a friendly and well-skilled team makes us your ideal partner for a successful event. We do not only have the experience but also the passion for our work!

The Destination

In the heart of Europe, at the crossing of roads and cultures, there is a magnificent little country, “the land of legends and changes”, which can be the perfect site for your events. Its capital city, Budapest is year after year among the number ones of European top lists. Located on the banks of the River Danube, its breath-taking view belongs to UNESCO world heritage.


We invite you to experience an exciting, colourful, flourishing, and lively cosmos called: Budapest.

The Destination without the drivel 

Location: Central Europe
Flying Time: 2hrs 25min direct 
Time difference: + 1 GMT 
Currency: Hungarian Forint 
Visas: Not required for UK passport holders

The Destination Highlights

  • Easy access from all European cities.

  • Rich in history, culture and tradition.

  • World famous hotel chains and exciting venues for all kind of events.

  • Great culinary experience for food and wine lovers.

  • The “Spa capital of Europe” with 98 certified spas.

  • Escape games, buzzing nightlife and a lot more to entertain and inspire.

  • Formula One Grand Prix destination.

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