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Monday Morning Blog


Awesome Monday morning greetings from London W10, I hope all is well with you and that you had a great weekend. What a sparkling start to the week in London; sunny, dry and extremely crisp! Aka cold.

I hope you had a great weekend, I was in Malta with Erika, Claudia, Douglas, Helga- the team at Mi Malta DMC and ten amazing conference and incentive clients.  We landed in sunshine on Friday afternoon and we took off in sunshine on Sunday afternoon, 22° C during the day and 16° C at night, what’s not to like 😊  We stayed at the Westin Hotel in St Julian’s, their guest rooms are huge; all with balconies and a view of the sea. It’s a simply lovely hotel, I have stayed there a few times and the lounge bar area is so very cosy and just the way a hotel type place should be. I like Westin as a brand and the W...

Monday morning greetings from London W10, I hope you are well and have finally dried out from the torrential rain on Saturday. I guess the sunny start on Sunday morning helped.

Well done to South Africa winning The Rugby World Cup, well done to Japan for staging what seemed to be via the TV an amazingly successful Rugby World Cup a good test run for The Olympics 2020 and finally well done to the England Rugby team who worked so hard to get to the final and who perhaps peaked too early by beating The All Blacks, that result was almost but only almost as good as lifting the World Cup for The England team. Finally well done to Wales  

I spoke to Shaun Blake and Brad Glenn of The Inside Edge Southern Africa the DMC MM and Company have been representing for twenty years, to say the guys were delighted with the result for them and for the entire country of South Africa would be an understatement...

Good Monday morning I hope you are well and that you had an amazing weekend. Did I say AMAZING, that was what the England Rugby team were on Saturday. What a result, got to love Eddie Jones, the interview he gave a few days before the game “pressure what pressure it’s the All Blacks under pressure we are the underdogs” talk about pilling on the pressure. Well done Eddie and the team, they can go all the way for sure. Well done to South Africa and commiserations to Wales. This will be a very thrilling final I am sure Shaun, Brad and the team at our DMC The Inside Edge DMC Southern Africa are delighted with their team’s performance.

So Monday morning again and another week at work, I’m in Manchester, Leeds, Leicester and London seeing some of MM and Company’s awesome clients, there is nothing better I like than being on the road.  I’m doing a Mexico focused Day of the Dead sales blitz and t...

Good morning. OK who can tell me what happened to the weekend? I am sure weekends finish far quicker than they used to.

So Monday morning again, sending you warm greetings from London W10, I hope you are well. Wow what a sparkling day it was on Saturday, not only was the weather awesome, the England Rugby Team were more than awesome in Japan, soundly beating Australia to go into the last four all very exciting.

Last week I was in Bilbao, Spain I have wanted to see what Bilbao is all about for some time. Spain is one of the most frequently requested  destinations that the team and I at MM and Company represent. Most of the time clients ask for Barcelona, followed by Madrid then then the Spanish Islands. I went to Bilbao and found a great alternative Spanish city. Direct flights from Gatwick with British Airways, Iberia (Vueling Airlines) as well as budget airlines. Only 90 minutes away, the...

Happy European Monday morning greetings from London W10, is it possible that we only have three more Monday mornings left in the EU?  The mood music is getting very interesting, you couldn’t make it up if you tried.  As for the EU Brexit challenge splitting up families and friends, I find that almost too hard to believe, yes it’s a passionate argument but to break up families to stop people talking to each other, I can only deduce from that, they didn’t want to talk to each other in the first place and just needed an excuse and Brexit was that excuse. 

There is no doubt about it, Brexit is giving businesses in general a challenge or two but it will soon be over or will it? By now you know my feelings I just want bit done and could not give a rat’s behind as to how it is done.  I think we will leave on the 31st October and I also think it will be with some sort of deal with an ex...

Warm Monday morning greetings on this slightly chilly and wet first day of the working week. So how was last week for you? I had a great week but cramming five working days into three was a challenge.  If you were celebrating New Year last week I hope it was a good one and that the year ahead will be a fun, happy, healthy and sweet one.

We co-hosted a great event last week with Unico Hard Rock hotels and the Eden Rock Nobu Miami, we were representing our DMCs, the EPIC Group Mexico and C Florida Hospitality.  The Tequila flowed, the Mariachi band were awesome and the trade show presentation turned into a great party which I felt all day the following day, worth it for sure.

WH Smiths commmeee oooonnnn do me a favour. In the shop window of WH Smiths on Finchley High Road was a banner advertising books saying “Santa shops here” for goodness sake Halloween is still three weeks away, Guy Fawke...

Happy Monday, I totally believe that Mondays can be happy, you just have to try hard.  Last week the weather was awful such a lot of rain. Did you get drenched on Tuesday?  As usual London Transport couldn’t cope, tube stations were flooded, ours was at Queens Park W10, roads were flooded and I thought to myself, this must be what it’s like when a hurricane arrives.

Did you see the exchange in the House of Commons on Wednesday?  You couldn’t make it up and what’s scary, it’s real life, allegedly intelligent, educated men and women, mature men and women screaming and shouting at each other and these are the people that are supposed to be leading our country.  If just one of them spoke quietly in measure tones their voice would have been heard much better. 

Tomorrow is October 1st, is this the month Brexit will be solved?  To quote an amazing statement from Winston Churchill “...

Greetings from London W10 on this sunny morning, make the most of it an autumn week is on its way. A warm welcome to the Monday morning email, I just have to mention what a beautiful week of weather we had last week dry, sunny, warm, outstanding in fact.  I wonder what this week will bring, I have got a sneaky suspicion actually I have looked at the forecast, it’s going to be wet, it’s going to be wet and it’s going to be autumn.  I kind of get resigned to tough out the autumn and winter, it has to be done and I just talk myself into a “grin and bear it” frame of mind, when somebody says to me, oh I really like winter, the first words that come into mind is bonkers. 

OH dear Thomas Cook, such a sad day for so many people, air crew, ground staff, hoteliers, souvenir sellers, taxi drivers, restaurants, bars, ground operators as well as DMCs. The ripple effect of Thomas Cook going...

Monday morning greetings from London W10, hope you had a great weekend.  Looks like the Indian summer is continuing, quite a nice weekend of weather we had in fact Saturday was hot.

I had great weather last week, I was in Las Vegas at IMEX, about seven hours into the flight I though to myself this is a really long way to go for three full days on the ground but I’m really glad I went, IMEX was excellent.  I met up with Bettina and Maike from Germanyinsight Camonsite, James from The J Team Japan, Clem from C Florida, Pascal from NACARA DMC France, Menno Meyer from Phenix South of France and Monaco, Beth of Details NYC New York, Manuel and Susanne from EPIC Group Mexico.  I also met up with a number of DMCs that MM and Company work with and recommend from places such as Amsterdam, China, Singapore, Korea, Belgium and lot of other places.  Three very worthwhile days in Las Vegas, I think thr...

Good morning wishing you a very happy Monday morning. I hope you had a great summer or perhaps are still having a great summer even though in meteorological terms Autumn has started. The weekend weather was great a little chilly in the morning but not for very long, the sun is shining this morning its warm but not hot in a July August manner of speaking. My Tel Aviv tan is fading fast however I have not as yet packed the shorts away.

Is this the week we all get back normal, OK a question. Does anyone in the UK know what normal looks like in these days of BREXIT end game, ahhh but is it BREXIT end game, we will only know when the BREXIT lady sings I guess. What an “omni shambles” to quote “The Thick Of It” which I am re watching it is if you have not heard of the program a political satire show. I am of course talking about normal from a work in the conference, incentive and event industry...

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