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Good morning I hope you are fit, fine, wonderful, well and untouched by COVID 19. I really, really, really hope you are untouched by COVID 19, I have had first hand of what this dreadful virus is all about and its not nice, not nice at all, even the mild form of it I can totally assure you, you do not want it.

About 10 days ago I started to cough, I thought “hello” luckily it only lasted a couple of days so I didn’t take much notice of it, then over the weekend I started to feel unwell and I guessed that it’s a bit of man flu. Last Monday Sandra, Subhani and I, whilst keeping our distance in the office, we finished preparing a planned Easter mailing, having got the 200 mail pieces ready for collection by Royal Mail we all decided it would be better that MM and Company decamped to working from home. Not a moment too soon as by Monday afternoon I was feeling a lot worse in fact I guess I ha...

Happy Monday, it seems a week is a long time in the life of an epidemic, increased cases all over the world except China which has got to be good news, in fact very good news.  If it took China from January to mid-March to declare no further cases, then I reckon by the beginning of June we should be out the other side of this COVID 19. Got to love some positive news I think we need to celebrate that news, clearly the draconian actions Chins took have generated results.

The virus is effecting millions of people and hundreds of thousands of businesses, on Sunday afternoon I thought it was time for a glass of fine red wine only to discover my fine red wine mini cellar (a cupboard) was out of stock. With my local wine superstore only a five min car ride I drove there to find it CLOSED WTF!  I subsequently learnt it reopens on Tuesday.

A great client sent me an e mail, in the e mail she said sh...

Happy Monday morning and Happy St Patrick’s Day for tomorrow to our Irish friends,  I hope you are fit, fine, wonderful, well, cool and COVID 19 free, in my world the glass is ALWAYS half full, never ever half empty although as this Covid-19 nightmare continues the glass is beginning to think it’s half empty, I won’t let that happen. 

Corona virus is getting scarily close, I can feel the Corona critters breathing down my neck all singing “we are coming to get you”

It is clear that March and April are lost overseas conference, incentive and event months, in fact not wanting to be selfish and self centered they are lost months for everyone unless you are in the grocery business, supplying or selling or in the toilet roll and hand sanitising business then you are doing well . Hopefully the months of May and June as the sun will be shining “hope will spring eternal” and by September every...

Good morning hope all is well with you and yours.

How are you coping on this lovely Monday morning?  I’m not referring to coping with the fact that it’s Monday again because we cope with that every week, I’m talking about COVID-19.  Bring back BREXIT 😊 onto the news headline. The media are talking Covid 19 Corona virus into a frenzy with people panic buying, stock markets dropping and drop kicking us all into a potential recession.

Challenges all over the World, what’s happening in Northern Italy with sixteen million people under quarantine, transport locked down  could happen anywhere just the thought of being locked down in a hotel, cruise ship or even home is something I do not want to contemplate. Bad news that FlyBe has finally been grounded, is this the first business victim of Coronavirus, for sure it won’t be the last. OK FlyBe wasn’t in great shape before the virus thing but...

Happy Monday, I hope you are well, SERIOUSLY I hope you are well, the headlines are getting a bit “OMG” like, I have to admit even me, a glass half full type of guy is beginning to think how long is this going to go on for? It is getting concerning, more of that later.

It’s another Monday morning, the start of MARCH. Did you make the most of your extra day of life on Saturday it was after all 29th February a leap year.

The weather has been a huge subject over the past few weeks did you see snow on Thursday? was that the first and last snow of the season in London or do we have more to come? Sunday was a sparkling cold Winter going into Spring day I was outside most of the day it was cold but beautiful

I think it’s fair to say it’s going to be another week of uncertainty, uncertainty about what’s going on in the world and what the world governments are going to do about the Covid-19 Virus....

A very good Monday morning I hope you are well and that you had a great weekend free from floods and viruses

It’s a busy old month February, last week it was Valentine’s Day, this week Pancake day yeahhhh.  Although pancakes seem to be Hannah’s favourite thing to cook so every week is pancake week in our house. 

Not sure if it’s got anything to do with half term but it seems to be a very quiet news week last week except of course for that horrendous attack by a deranged right wing nutter in a town called Hanau then the attacked in Regents Park Mosque.  It’s what I say to clients when they ask me, 'is going to xyz destination safe?'  My response is always, everywhere is safe and nowhere is safe, but you have to be bang out of luck to get caught up in anything. Crossing London or Westminster bridge you stop for a coffee and miss the attack or you stop for a coffee and get caught up in i...

Good morning Happy Monday I hope you have dried out since the weekend wet weather or what?

Happy BELATED Valentine’s Day I hope you are well and have recovered from the many paper cuts and repetitive strain injuries from opening all your Valentine’s Day cards and gifts. I had to call the council for another paper recycle wheelie bin for ALL the envelope I had to open I kept the cards of course. I went to see our postman on Sunday he is in hospital suffering with a slipped disc from carrying all the cards to my front door yeah in your dreams David 😊

Corona virus boredom has set in, look I am sad for the people it has effected or it is affected in fact this virus thing has had an effect on the whole world. Trade is slowing, the “just in time” ordering system is getting screwed up as factories are closed down and in quarantine in China, lots of components for industry arrives “just in time”...

Happy Monday, although it seems to be a bit of an unhappy world at the moment, all this Coronavirus talk is not good for a lot of people but I would imagine Corona Extra beer brewed in Mexico management must be quite pleased that everybody is about Corona.  I went out with some friends on Thursday night and all we drank was Corona Extra Beer brewed in Mexico with several huge wedges of lime. 

Wow was it wild, wet and windy weather at the weekend or what? Storm Ciara showed everyone who was in charge. I went out for a run as usual on Sunday morning I shaved 85 seconds of my normal time for 8KM I was propelled along with the help of the strong winds. They say, the Newscasters that is that a British Airways jet arrived from New York an hour earlier than scheduled due to the strong Atlantic winds pushing it along.

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