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  • David J Marks


Happy Monday morning I hope all is well. Have you just returned from holiday I hope you had a great time.

My Monday morning question is are the reservoirs full yet? After the biblical rain fall last Wednesday I guess they are filling up 😊

Happy geezer alert the sun is shining this morning, hope springs eternal although I think the UK sun lounger sunshine is gently slipping away.

The news is not worth commenting on, none of it is good. More strikes here, inflation all over the world, car bomb in Moscow killing an “innocent” woman due to her father’s association with Putin, hotel siege in Mogadishu, energy prices, enough.

Oh some good news, for me at least, I won £25 on the premium bonds.

And as August continues the news gets even thinner on the ground as the holiday season enters its third week.

That’s it, you are up to date from a David point of view .

MM and Company news update

Dubai and Abu Dhabi

MM and Company have successfully represented a DMC in Dubai and Abu Dhabi since 1999 all of the DMCs we represent and recommend have in one way shape or form have survived the ravages of COVID. Some DMCs have slimed down others have stayed the same, compact as always. One DMC sadly has been unsuccessful in rebuilding their DMC team and therefore has been unable to deliver the quality that you, my clients demand (and I should add we demand) of the DMC and therefore I have had to tell the DMC that I can no longer, with confidence represent them and recommend their services to you, our client.

HOWEVER and there is always a however I had seen the writing on the wall for a while and I have linked up with the General Manager of the DMC in Dubai and Abu Dhabi we first represented way back in 1999 who is now General Manager of the DMC MM and Company has agreed to represent.

Effective immediately MM and Company now represent Jyoti Panchmatia and the team at TRAVCO DMC Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Mauritius (Just in case you missed this last week)

Mr Stephane Louise Operations Director of Hello Islands DMC (formerly known as Connections DMC) is one of our terrific DMCs that will be in town very soon.

It’s been a long, long two and a half years since the lockdown in March 2020BC (before Covid) we are, at last, turning the international conference, incentive and event corner which means that the management teams of the awesome DMCs MM and Company represent are beginning to once again travel to the UK to meet up with clients past, present and future.

So if you would like an update on what is new and happening funky and fun in the beautiful Island of Mauritius please let me know. Stephane and I would be delighted to meet you in your office, your home office, a local Café Nero or Costa Coffee at a push even a Starbucks (make mine a tea, builders of course)



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