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Monday Morning Blog

Happy Monday, I hope you are well and that you had a great weekend, when that happens, Monday and the return to work does not seem to be so much of a chore.
On Saturday morning I left the house at 9 o' clock in bright sunshine, it was actually hot, I walked to St John's Wood synagogue. Couldn't help but think of the Beatles song "here comes the sun" such a wonderful summer song. Not so impressed with today but then I'm in the office so I am not that bothered. I do hope the weather gets better for the end of the week because I will be with Linda and Cecilia from Microcosmos DMC Budapest, the ladies are over meeting past clients, present clients and hopefully future clients. They are not expecting great weather after all this is England.

Congratulations to Liverpool Champions of Europe, congratulations to Tottenham who were runner's up.

World Cup Cricket is now in full swing, Ascot then Wimb...

Happy May Monday morning I hope you are well and that you had a great weekend, I am sure the Manchester City fans had an amazing weekend. Oh talking of weekends, where did the weekend go? One minute it is Friday afternoon the next it is Monday morning. You won't have to worry about that next weekend as it will be the late May bank holiday, we have Monday 27th May off.

This week will fly as it's IMEX week and I will be in Frankfurt attending the IMEX show, hopefully we will see each other. These shows are quite weird, you tend to see some people all the time in the corridors or at various DMC stands or you don't manage to catch up at all with some clients and friends. If you are going to IMEX, I wish safe travels there and a successful time in Frankfurt.

Egypt, oh dear another tragedy, another bombing, more people injured. What will the terrorists achieve? Nothing except that President Abde...

Good morning from the sunny streets of London W10, it's hard o believe that we are beginning the third week of May and only now the weather has finally made it to "nice" three days in a row OK, OK Easter was nice but it didn't last long this hopefully is the start of regular nice weather. According to the BBC the good weather is about to start, hopefully it will stay that way until October, chance would be a fine thing.

I like football, I don't really follow a team now when I was at school ( a wee while ago) you were either Spurs or Arsenal, but the game itself has proved to be even more spectacular than ever, well done Liverpool and Tottenham, regardless of which football team you support I'm sure you will agree that Liverpool and Tottenham did great service to the beautiful EUROPEAN game.

Well done Manchester City League Champions and well done to Liverpool who only just missed being ch...

Hey, hey Good Morning yes I know far too loud for a Monday morning. It's hard to know where to start, for sure it is wonderful to have time off to chill, to do stuff that you don't get time to do during the week. Equally it's extremely frustrating because basically business just grinds to a halt, having said that we have had requests and in fact just before Good Friday, we had a couple of very high profile groups with some of our DMCs, so I'm not complaining. It's just that it would be great to have the days off and still keep the volumes of business ticking along.

Talking of time off, Brad from The Inside Edge our DMC in Southern Africa and Across Africa as well as Eva from Germanyinsight have told us the Wednesday 1st May, May Day Worker's Day and all that stuff, so if on Wednesday you call one of the DMC we represent and the phone is not answered or an email is not answered you will kn...

Happy, happy Monday I hope you are well and that you had a great weekend, today is quite a special day for me and it has something to do The Beatles the 1960s pop group for those of you who do not know who The Beatles are or perhaps were,if you want to know more about why I am temporarily connected to The Beatles  please let me know. 

OMG it's Easter week, yeah our first long bank holiday weekend since Christmas would you believe, I think everybody is ready for a bit of a break, it's quite a religious week for a lot of people. Did you give something up for Lent? If you did and managed to survive, congratulations, enjoy the Easter break, you have earned it. If you decided not to do Lent this year enjoy Easter never the less. 

Almost every year Easter coincides with the Jewish festival of Passover, so if this Seder night and eight days of Matzo rings bells for you I hope you have a...

Surely not just another Monday morning, guess it is, hope it will be an amazing Monday for you. 

Greetings from London W10, could it be warming up at last? Not really, Saturday was chilly, Sunday was a bit better when the sun shone it was positively balmy. So how was your week last week? My week was awesome, Adam and I did some sales calls outside of London, we took a number of FAB clients out to dinner whilst on sales calls, we also operated a dinner event in London with Claudia of Mi Malta, actually it was an awesome event at Kerridge's Bar and Grill located at the London Corinthia Hotel, which connected us and our guests to Malta as Malta has a number of excellent Corinthia Hotels on their wonderful island. 

DMC News * MM and Company News* Destination News*

The Meetings Show June 2019
The life of a conference and incentive executive is lived planning the future, we are just starting...

Monday Morning greetings from London W10, hope you're well. As part of my ongoing quest to keep young, fit and healthy I run, not too far you understand mostly 8K or 10K feeling up to it but I try my best. What a pleasure it has been now that run has become now the sun has finally decided to shine on a regular basis. I love March because I know April, OMG April Fool's day what will toddy bring only time will tell, I will ignore it for the time being. Happy April everybody. 

Saturday was a sparkling warm day, Sunday was dull and chilly. This week won't be anywhere near as warm as we had last week, oh well Summer is not here yet in fact I think announcing Spring is a little bit of wishful thinking. 

I did not know that The Holy Father Pope Francis reads my Monday email, he must have read the bit a few weeks ago when I said that Morocco was back on the list of the top five conference and...

Monday morning greetings to you my fellow European citizens for just a little longer than was previously thought, is it three weeks longer, three months longer, or forever longer, who knows the Brexit bonkers continues more Brexit bonkers by the day.

On Tuesday, Adam and I had a meeting at Somerset House, we came out of Somerset house and there was traffic chaos on the Strand, police motor bikes everywhere and I said to Adam "Hello, someone important is on their way, I got my iPhone out, by the time I had mucked around with the phone, the moment was gone". When I said this person was important that was an understatement, it was her Majesty the Queen and the Duchess of Cambridge in the back of her Royal Bentley, just a frisson of excitement. It made my day, I like the Queen. Shaun Blake the Chairman of The Inside Edge, the DMC we represent in South Africa, knows this very well indeed. So...

Happy "only eleven days to go till we are supposed to be cast adrift by Europe" Monday morning, not going to happen is it/ or is it? Of all the best cliff hangers this has got to rate in the top five of all time. I guess the number one cliff-hanger must have been before the start of Wold War II, would we or would we not go the aid of Poland and declare war on Germany, hummmm are you thinking what i am thinking? Not a good idea. Just for the record I was not around in those days, History at school was one of my favorite subjects.

Such awful, awful news from Christchurch New Zealand,w hat is the world coming to when people of faith cannot pray in safety. The appalling news from New Zealand beggars  belief, what drives such hatred, what tips a man over the top to one day load this car up wit automatic weapons several spare clips of bullets then to drive to a house of worship to indiscrimin...

Monday morning greetings from London W10, I hope you're well. I hope you ad a great weekend and that you did not get blown away by the very gusty weather, How was your weekend last week? I wonder if it was as eventful as my week, if you follow me on Instagram @mmandcompany you will have seen some interesting photographs from my day out on Thursday up the M! to Leicester with Marek of Enjoy Slovakia DMC. I was travelling north planning to get off at Junction 11 to visit Marks & Spencers, I always go here to get our wonderful clients cakes, cookies and fruit. Just coming up to Marks & Spencer on the service station at Junction 11 cruising along at 80 miles an hour ( don't tell the cops maybe it was 85), the car took a thump, severely shake and well to make an understatement the card did not travel in a straight line. I thought hello, this doesn't seem right, I limped off the motorway to Ju...

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