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  • David J Marks


Happy Monday I hope you and yours are all fit, fine, wonderful and well.

What is going on in Europe? Indeed what is going on in the world it seems that COVID is seriously on the increase and it also seems no one knows how to stop it, lock down, no lock down, curfew, no curfew, pubs to close at 6PM, 10PM, midnight, never! totally bonkers. The nations that make up the UNITED Kingdom have now got different rules for COVID, its all madness and tbh, that’s to be honest 😊 I get that people are suffering from COVID meltdown, people are fed up of it all, I am not fed up with it all yet BUT I am fed up with the impact it has had on our business sector. I WANT TO GET BACK TO WORK yes I am shouting not something I do very often. The COVID effect is going to be with us for a very long time, the news reported a record number of shops have closed over the past six month. As the saying goes “no sh*t Sherlock”

What a dreadful tragedy in Paris over the weekend, a 19 year old terrorist took the life of a 47 year old teacher. It is clear that a kid in the teacher’s class told his or her parents, the parents then sorted out a hit man. They should ALL be locked up for ever, end of.

MM and Company news update

While business has to all intents and purposes stopped there has been a few little bits of action going on, a local car event with only local guests in Japan with James and the crew at The J Team DMC Japan Valeria, Olga, Dennis and the team at Russian Events DMC help a client out with visas and other activities. Eva an the team at Germany Insight are seriously talking to a client about an on line teambuilding event in November Plus the team at Connections DMC Mauritius is talking to a client about a small group for June 2022 (yikes what about June 2021)so all is not lost.



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