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Ms Valeria Gorbokon, Managing Director 
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The Russian Event brings together years of DMC experience pre and post-communist era. Our DMC has the right contacts developed over many years to make the seemingly impossible a reality.

The Destination without the drivel 

Location: Eastern Europe 
Flying Time: 3 hours 35 minutes 
Time difference: + 3 GMT 
Currency: Ruble
Visas: All UK passport holders require a visa, which can be arranged by Russian Event

The Destination

Russia immediately evokes legendary, images - The Kremlin, Red Square Lenin's Tomb, the deepest snow of a Russian Winter, troikas, Cossacks, Sputnik, vodka, caviar, The Hermitage and so much more. Russia is home to the treasures of the Russian Tsars, and boasts the "Venice of the North", St Petersburg.

Visit Moscow to see the vastness of Red Square and the treasures that are housed within the Kremlin. Moscow has top quality five star hotels as well as fine restaurants and amazing venues. Imagine the unique experience of Dinner at the Bolshoi.

St Petersburg, the stunning "Venice of the North", also offers excellent five star hotels together with a choice of over one hundred palaces and noble houses that can be used as sumptuous venues for gala dinners. St Petersburg is home to Peterhof and Katherine's Palace two of the most amazing royal residences in Russia.

Destination Highlights


  • Red Square and Kremlin

  • St Basil's Cathedral

  • Lenin's Tomb

  • World famous buildings can be used for events such as rooms at The Patriarch's Palace

  • Amazing communist architecture and wide five lane city roads mixed in with ancient domed churches

  • Star city the epicentre of the Russian Space programme

  • Spend a day out with the Russian Military, drive tanks and experience the power of a loaded Kalashnikof at the firing range.

St Petersburg:

  • A few of the highlights include;

  • The Peter and Paul Fortress

  • The Hermitage Museum

  • St Isaac's Cathedral

  • The Admiralty

  • Peterhof

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