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  • David J Marks


Happy European Monday morning greetings from London W10, is it possible that we only have three more Monday mornings left in the EU? The mood music is getting very interesting, you couldn’t make it up if you tried. As for the EU Brexit challenge splitting up families and friends, I find that almost too hard to believe, yes it’s a passionate argument but to break up families to stop people talking to each other, I can only deduce from that, they didn’t want to talk to each other in the first place and just needed an excuse and Brexit was that excuse.

There is no doubt about it, Brexit is giving businesses in general a challenge or two but it will soon be over or will it? By now you know my feelings I just want bit done and could not give a rat’s behind as to how it is done. I think we will leave on the 31st October and I also think it will be with some sort of deal with an extension added as well. The problem is of course once we have left, we will have the consequences of leaving. I’m pleased I’m not in the import or export business or farming and fisheries, I could never be in either of those two businesses too bloody cold and too dirty 😊 regular readers of my blog will know the cold weather and I do not get on very well.

This week and next week sees the Jewish festival of Succot a sort of harvest festival, it seems like festivals in the Jewish calendar are like double decker buses they all come at once. If you plan to celebrate Succot have a great one.

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Are you going to WTM? I’m going, our DMC Connections Mauritius will also be there on Stand AS100. Let us know if we can help in Mauritius or anywhere else where you need a DMC.

IBTM November

I’m also attending IBTM Barcelona in November, my plane ticket is booked and so is my hotel. Our DMCs will also be attending, runners and riders so far are;

Enjoy Slovakia DMC – Stand D15

Mi Malta – Stand D30

Russian Event DMC – Stand G70

The J Team Japan – Stand H80

Visit Morocco – Stand K70


The Rugby World Cup is getting very exciting with the home nations doing very well indeed not only is the Rugby exciting so is the weather. James, Geraint and the crew at The J Team DMC Japan are enjoying a well-earned mini break due to the weather


I’m hosting a trip to Malta with Mi Malta DMC in November which I’m really looking forward to, Malta is one of those destinations that is far enough south to get good weather even in November. Last time I was there in was in November two years ago it was shorts and T-shirts weather.

That’s it, you’re all up to date, have a great week.

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