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  • David J Marks


Warm Monday morning greetings on this slightly chilly and wet first day of the working week. So how was last week for you? I had a great week but cramming five working days into three was a challenge. If you were celebrating New Year last week I hope it was a good one and that the year ahead will be a fun, happy, healthy and sweet one.

We co-hosted a great event last week with Unico Hard Rock hotels and the Eden Rock Nobu Miami, we were representing our DMCs, the EPIC Group Mexico and C Florida Hospitality. The Tequila flowed, the Mariachi band were awesome and the trade show presentation turned into a great party which I felt all day the following day, worth it for sure.

WH Smiths commmeee oooonnnn do me a favour. In the shop window of WH Smiths on Finchley High Road was a banner advertising books saying “Santa shops here” for goodness sake Halloween is still three weeks away, Guy Fawkes night is yet to be delivered then and perhaps only then can Christmas start in earnest till then WH Smiths, NOOOOO! Pack it in.

Has Boris cracked it? The Brexit mood music has changed and it’s all about Brexitmanship and speaking personally it’s getting quite exciting.

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WTM Are you going to WTM? I’m going, our DMC Connections Mauritius will also be there on Stand AS100. Let us know if we can help in Mauritius or anywhere else where you need a DMC.

IBTM November I’m also attending IBTM Barcelona in November, my plane ticket is booked and so is my hotel. Our DMCs will also be attending, runners and riders so far are;

Enjoy Slovakia DMC – Stand D15

Mi Malta – Stand D30

Russian Event DMC – Stand G70

The J Team Japan – Stand H80

Visit Morocco – Stand K70

JAPAN Geraint, James and The J Team DMC Japan crew are busy OK, OK that is an understatement they are crazy busy with the Rugby World Cup. As Japan is on the TV every day clients are thinking ohhh Japan that’s a great idea and destination for our next incentive and conference and thankfully you lovely people are asking us for help in putting a proposal together with The J Team DMC Japan.

Keep on sending in your requests James and his J Team LOVE a little pressure and a challenge or two.

And that’s it you are up to date, wishing you an amazing week ahead.

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