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  • David J Marks


Hey, hey Good Morning yes I know far too loud for a Monday morning. It's hard to know where to start, for sure it is wonderful to have time off to chill, to do stuff that you don't get time to do during the week. Equally it's extremely frustrating because basically business just grinds to a halt, having said that we have had requests and in fact just before Good Friday, we had a couple of very high profile groups with some of our DMCs, so I'm not complaining. It's just that it would be great to have the days off and still keep the volumes of business ticking along.

Talking of time off, Brad from The Inside Edge our DMC in Southern Africa and Across Africa as well as Eva from Germanyinsight have told us the Wednesday 1st May, May Day Worker's Day and all that stuff, so if on Wednesday you call one of the DMC we represent and the phone is not answered or an email is not answered you will know why, call us at MM and Company instead I am sure we will be able to help.

OMG the event sin Sri Lanka last week over Easter and recently are beyond words, the destruction, the grief that was visited on innocent people is almost too difficult to comprehend. How many thousands of people have been touched by these tragic acts of terror, senseless destruction and death, when will these ignorant savages learn that they the perpetrators of the unspeakable acts visit shame and humiliation on their families and their communities that they leave behind, what's more their barbaric acts change noting. My question that I would have to ask the idiots that blew themselves up is, what were they hoping to achieved? Mindless, senseless and it makes me angry. Rant over.

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IMEX May 2019 IMEX is on it's wasy, Adam and I will be at IMEX and we really hope that we will see you there. So far the MM and Company represented DMC runners and riders are:

Budapest - Microcosmos DMC - Stand F320 Central America - Quetzal Motivo - Stand G112 Germany - germanyinsight ( Camonsite office Stand F100 & Cornerstone office Stand F110) Malta - Mi Malta - Stand D120 Mauritius - Connections DMC - Stand G680 Morocco - Visit Morocco - Stand D520 Russia - Russian Event - Stand E420 Slovakia - Enjoy Slovakia - Stand F290

If you want to meet with any of our DMCs do let me know.

The Meetings Show June 2019 The life of a conference and incentive executive is lived planning the future, we are at the end of April and are in full on planning mode for the end of June and The Meetings Show. MM and Company will be there together with Nacara Destination DMC France, Phenix Events DMC South of France & Monaco as well as Mi Malta DMC. Please let me know if you are going to attend The Meetings Show as I would like to send you an invitation to coincide with The Meetings Show, hope to see you on Wednesday 26th June. Malta MI Malta will be hosting a Business Development trip ( posh name for a FAM trip) to Malta in June if you feel that you need to know Malta first hand and want to join us on the trip please let me know.

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