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  • David J Marks


Good morning, good morning, good morning, warm New Year style greetings from the nerve centre of MM and Company London W10 I hope you are fit, fine, wonderful and well as we start the first working week proper of 2023 its going to be an amazing year.

Welcome to the 21st year of my Monday morning e mail, how do I know it is beginning its 21st year because it all started when I told you that I had become a Dad to a little girl called Leyla, who is now entering her 21st year of being my daughter

OMG I have missed writing to you, yes I really have missed sending my Monday morning e mail but at last normal service has been resumed let’s hope 2023 will be a “normal” year, no not the new normal the pre 2020 COVID normal

What’s all this about Veganuary, then there is dry January why not let’s promote all go into hibernation January, noooo don’t do that.

I was in the office in the days between Christmas and New Year we received a new request for Daniel of ITC DMC Prague, I was also in the office last week I was delighted to see the event, conference and incentive industry springing back to life with new requests for Athens Germany Malta Iceland and Miami with confirmations of events for Frankfurt Berlin Mexico City and New York.

I am certain you will have a lot of e mails in your in box to read so I will keep this short


MM and Company news update


JAMES and the crew at The J Team DMC Japan have told us that whilst the world has gone back to work the destination of Japan goes on holiday again well I have always said Japan is a very unique destination

The bank holiday was from Saturday 7th January to Monday 9th January. It is a national holiday that celebrates Coming of Age Day, when 20-year-olds (often) dress in kimono for ceremonies at their municipality to mark their official entry into adulthood. The culture of kimono-wearing is one of the most charming and yet mysterious elements of Japanese life for the outsider. Kimono is a tangible element of Japanese culture that can be woven into the business event experience in very many ways, from a pure Instagram moment to apparel for a formal dinner. There is a perception outside Japan that kimono are only for ladies, but that is not the case, with the word originally meaning ‘something you wear’ and covering the clothing of men, women and children

MM and Company

I am DELIGHTED ( yes, I am shouting)to tell you that after a long search we have a new member of the team, Sophie Zucker will be joining us on Tuesday as our Marketing Executive focusing on the MM and Company social media footprint, Sophie will also be responsible for the MM and Company web site.

We ALL look forward to working with you in 2023 and beyond.



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