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  • David J Marks


Monday morning greetings from the yet again the dry and chilly streets of West London, I hope you are well and that the people you care about are also well. So what’s the story this Monday

morning 8th November 2021?

COP continues

COVID continues

Crazy confusion in The Commons continues

Combustible conflagrations continues (fireworks)

Cool communications continue with my Monday morning e mail.

The downhill speed towards you know what at the end of the year has increased due to the fact that Guy Fawkes night has been and gone, if you follow me on MM and Company on twitter and face book I am going to be posting lots of end of year decoration scene from the cool creative street of Central London and The City. Yesterday I was walking past Selfridges (I want to be buried in The Wonder Room of the store) and saw a terrific Winter Holiday decorated tree (still not going to call it by its name till 1st December) I posted the image on Facebook and twitter, the windows of Fortnum and Masons are also excellent this year.

At last, at blooming last, we thought it would never end thanks to PT no, not that PT, President Trump we the British public have been unable to travel to the USA but TODAY, yes the day has finally dawned we can now travel to The United States of America and with perfect timing IMEX LAS VEGAS starts this week, desperately disappointed that I am not there this year, first IMEX I have missed but just could not justify (to myself) the expense of going there especially as I would have gone yesterday morning and as yet until today we were not permitted to enter The USA.

And that is the news so far.

MM and Company news update

MM and Company

The team at MM and Company are very much here, present, correct and all accounted for waiting patiently till the good times roll a lot faster than they are rolling at the moment.


Last week Eva and the tram at Cornerstone Meetings part of Germany Insight DMC had a group of 12 pax driving BMWs in Munich at the BMW factory skid pan and test drive circuit, a good time was had by all.


Hello Mice Island DMC Mauritius confirmed a group for 2023 this week, as my Mum says “I should live so long 😊” but as I did say to Mum I plan to be around a long time after 2023 so if I can get a confirmation for Hello Mice Island DMC in 2023 (previously known as CONNECTIONS DMC)I will take it.


Eulalia, Graciela and the team at TA Spain have told us that according to Spanish newspaper El Pais, talks are underway to give the Spanish national train operator Renfe access to the Chunnel and run its trains on the London to Paris line. There must be some truth in this as The Financial Times ran a similar story saying if this did happen it would be a huge shakeup at St Pancras. The Financial Times reported Renfe believes that a Eurostar challenger would be “viable and profitable” and it already has support from the tunnel’s operator, Getlink, as well as HS1, big brother to its more controversial sibling HS2, and the company that operates the line from St Pancras to the tunnel. With COP 26 front and centre clearly the train is better for the environment than the plane.

That’s it you are fully up to date 😊

Wishing you a good week, a great week even.



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