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  • David J Marks


Good morning, can it really be Monday morning AGAIN? What happened to last week? it just disappeared.

Greetings from the damp, wet, cold December streets of London W10 I think I prefer freezing cold dry bright Alpine like sunny streets, but that was last week, I hope you are well.

As the popular song goes “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” Have you heard the First Minister of Wales say Christmas? its hilarious and every time I write Christmas I hear and see Mark Drakeford

saying Christmas.

Three weeks to go till the big day and four weeks to go till we see the back of 2021 I won’t be sorry to see it go. January is always a time for optimism for sure I will have loads of optimism in fact an abundance which I will be happily sharing with one and all.

Sunday night was the final night of Chanukah, the Menorah was ablaze with light, every year I take a photo of my girls lighting their Menorah, this year I will post it on the usual social media platforms but it will only be a photo of Hannah as Leyla is in Bristol.

More rules and restrictions surrounding the continuing Delta increase and now the new Omicron variant, travellers need to take a pre departure test which has to show a negative result for COVID 48 hours before people travel to the UK I guess is sensible for the moment, the numbers of COVID cases on Sunday were 43,922 Omicron now is up to 243 cases. There will have to come a time when The Government and all the other agencies of Government together with the 67 or so million citizens that live in the UK will come to accept that COVID is here to stay, it is a fact of life now and we will all just have to live with it and just get on with life, living and business. Guys lets agree to do that this week please.

The Pope has weighted in to the Migrant Crisis, he visited a refugee camp in the Greek Island of Lesbos, this needs to be kept front and centre in the news debate already the tragic deaths of 27 migrants in the English Channel last week is old news.

Well done and congratulations to the Chelsea Women’s Football team who beat Arsenal Women’s team 3-0 to win the FA Cup.

December is here I have been shopping at home I now have puff pastry mince pies and a panettone, life seems OK atm, I have even forgotten how the electric whisk works I will not be baking for at least a month

And that is the news so far.

MM and Company news update

As we at MM and Company look forward to the start of 2022 we are putting several thoughts and plans together, one of them is to strengthen the team by employing a Marketing graduate, if you happen to know a young adult who is a graduate with marketing qualifications, ideally with some experience, please send them our way. So far we have had three people interested in the Marketing Executive position at MM and Company.

LONG HAUL destinations are starting to be demanded I am guessing because Europe is in such a COVID mess at the moment, regardless of the fact that some long haul destinations have closed their borders to foreign visitor for the foreseeable future. Having said that I will be interested to see what happens this week when it comes to DMC and destination requests. This week and next week should see planning for mid-January and February meetings and events. A few weeks ago it was all about finishing the planning, confirming and attending Christmas parties in the UK for UK businesses, I am being told by some of our agency clients that even those are in doubt now. Madness sheer madness.

That’s it you are fully up to date 😊

Wishing you a good week, a great week even.

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