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  • David J Marks


Damp and soggy Monday morning greetings from the drenched streets of London NW6 I hope you are well and unlike President Trump COVID 19 free, only three weeks to go till Halloween and only a month to go till Guy Fawkes night.

OMG what a weekend of weather we have had in the UK, in fact I think this weather was in a lot of Northern Europe, the floods in Italy and France were horrific, it has been raining over there for a good while now well before the weekend of rain we have just had, storm Alex is what they have called it how about a different name Storm Bloody Inconvenient is a better name.

SNP MP Margaret Ferrier is a very silly lady, what was she thinking of travelling back and forth to Scotland on Public Transport? Hey Margaret get yourself an Uber, rent a car, get a car and one of your relatives to drive you to London if you think you are so very important that you had to attend The House of Commons. You did the crime now do the time and resign.

I hope the Police make an example of her, she is an MP she should know better but clearly she demonstrated that she is bloody stupid and a walking petri dish of infection, stupid girl

MM and Company news update


Friends I am so very excited I and fit to burst, I have to tell you that The J Team DMC Japan are operating a live face to face (well two meters distance face to face) event in Tokyo. James and his crew at The J Team have taken on a lot of responsibility to operate this event, only Japanese guests have been invited and James with his team are working on behalf of the end user corporate client and on behalf of the Conference, Event and Incentive Agency he and his team are so super multi-talented, all this week they will be the DMC, the agency and the stakeholder all wrapped into one efficient package.

Way to go James and The J Team DMC crew


Eva and the Germany Insight DMC team seem to be doing well with a new request for late next year that as we see it today is looking pretty good, I was going to say is looking positive but that has COVID connotations so I will stick with looking good.



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