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  • David J Marks

Dateline Monday 5th June 2023

Happy Monday, I hope you are well and that you had a great weekend. How was your May? a month of bank holiday Mondays I could get used to a four-day week very easily. Bank Holidays with weather that can be best described, as my Mum would say “och and vey” not one thing nor the other. However, Sunday i.e. yesterday the weather was the type of weather I have been waiting for since 15th September 2022 eight long, long months, it was sunny, bright, dry, blue skies and warm with a gentle summer breeze blowing, unlike last week the sun shone but an easterly breeze blew and it was chilly

Last week was at IMEX in Frankfurt I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was, caught up with lots of great people, had real live face time with some wonderful DMCs MM and Company represent and yes the world looked good except I got home late Wednesday night by the time Friday arrived I was coming down with something and for about five days I was not well at all however I managed to function so I guess it wasn’t COVID. The three times I have had COVID I was totally unable to function beside sitting on the couch staring at the TV when not asleep. I guess IMEX was a super spreader, whatever it was that was going around, I got.

Seems that the war in Ukraine is slipping from the headlines, but Ukraine does not want that to happen so they have started to lob shells over into a Russian town on the border with Ukraine, pictures on the news show many building in Belgorod on fire, the sad thing is that it is civilians that are affected.

Congratulations to Manchester City again, last week declared Premier League Champions once again, this week they won the FA Cup, question is can Manchester City complete the treble by winning the 2023 Champions League final when Manchester City will face Inter at the Ataturk Olympic Stadium, Istanbul, Turkey on Saturday 10th June? I think they will do the treble, but what do I know about football?

And that’s it, you are up to date from a David point of view.

Oh one more thing next week’s Monday morning e mail will be sent on Sunday morning just before I leave to go to New York, I can as always be contacted on my mobile 07710-031475 or by e mail yes I will be working and picking up e mails, Sandra as ever will be in the office taking care of all matters of a conference, event and incentive nature.

MM and Company news update


Sheraton Hotels & Resorts has announced the opening of Sheraton Kagoshima, the first Sheraton property in Japan. The hotel has 228 guestrooms and suites and is situated on a picturesque bay with a backdrop of Mount Sakurajima in Kagoshima. Located in Japan’s Kyushu island, Kagoshima is often compared to the city of Naples in Italy for its mild climate, palm-lined streets, bay location, and proximity to an active stratovolcano. I checked where Kagoshima is located it is a long, long way from Tokyo or Kyoto so may not be booked by the Conference and Incentive marketplace but it may just give Sheraton an appetite to open more hotels in Japan where the C&I industry will want to go. Our DMC in Japan is The J Team, I'm sure James and his team would be happy to help.

The Meeting Show at Excel on 28th and 29th June 2023

IMEX is done now if full on focus with The Meeting Show we have taken exhibition space at the Meeting Show

Nassos from AME DMC Group Greece will be there on the MM and Company stand D14

Jyoti of Travco DMC Dubai Abu Dhabi and Oman will be there on the MM and Company stand D14

Stephane of Hello Islands DMC Mauritius will be there on the MM and Company stand D14

Eva of Cornerstone Meeting DMC part of Germanyinsight will be there on the MM and Company stand D14

Muge of Blue DMC Turkey will be there on the MM and Company stand D14



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