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  • David J Marks


Good morning, from the sunny streets of West London, I hope you are well.

OK who nicked June? there it was gone. So far only a few days of hot weather, June 21st, the longest day has passed, at first I had written I only hope July and August buck their ideas up and generate some really hot weather to get us through the months to come, what do we want long sunny days with no clouds, when do we want it? NOW!

That was written on Sunday morning, this morning Monday has started off very nicely indeed and the weather peeps have said we are in for a lovely week of warm, sunny weather in the south of the UK I soooo hope they are right.

July 4th Happy Independence Day to all our friends across The Pond in the good old US of A.

Wimbledon, The British Grand Prix, Cricket, Rugby on the other side of the world something for everyone even a little bit of “argee bargee” on the hallowed tennis courts of gentrified Wimbledon SW19 whatever next strawberries drawn at dawn?

I hear Queen Nicola Sturgeon still is banging on about Scottish Independence

That’s it, you are up to date from a David point of view .

MM and Company news update

South Africa

Shaun, Brad and the awesome team at The Inside Edge Southern Africa want you to know that Hyatt Hotels has announced that the existing Winston Hotel in Rosebank, Johannesburg, will join the Hyatt portfolio. Following extensive renovations, the hotel will be rebranded as Park Hyatt Johannesburg in early 2023. The hotel is located within walking distance of the area’s popular bars, restaurants and galleries. Guests will have easy access to Rosebank Gautrain Station, besides retail and entertainment options, including The Zone and Rosebank Mall.

The hotel is a cool boutique sized property with 30 guestrooms and suites with a multi-purpose event space that can accommodate up to 60 guests. There is also a Hyatt Regency hotel in Cape Town, as well as the Hyatt House Johannesburg Sandton.


Daniel of ITC DMC Prague like most of his fellow citizens likes a beer or two don’t we all. Daniel also enjoys a glass of Czech wine, something I didn’t know and Daniel of ITC DMC tells me is that Prague was once called the Wine City! Historic wine-growing traditions, ideal geography terrific growing conditions make Prague one of the best European cities for wine.

It was Prince Wenceslas himself, the first of the Czech territorial patrons who ruled in the 10th century, who founded the vineyards by Prague Castle. With the reign of Charles IV, the kingdom of Bohemia saw viticulture grow as the King had an extensive knowledge about wine from his stays in France and Italy. Since then, the city has always had a keen interest in wine. The best thing about discovering wine in Prague is that the vineyards are barely a twenty minute drive from the city centre


Stephane and the team at Hello Islands DMC Mauritius have told us that from Friday July 1st, the requirement for facemasks has been relaxed. However, it will be mandatory to wear facemasks in public areas such as hospitals, port, airport and public transport, upon arrival tests for fully vaccinated passengers have been waived. Mauritius reopened its borders on October 1, 2021 over 500,000 tourists have subsequently travelled to the paradise island. The nation’s double vaccination rate now stands at over 90 percent, and around two thirds of all over 18 have also received their booster shots.


James Kent, the crew at The J Team Japan and I are DELIGHTED (yes I am shouting) to tell you that Japan is back on the MM and Company CONFIRMATION (more shouting) board, a UK group of 50 pax has just confirmed, it will operate this October. Japan was a destination that took a little longer than other places in the World to relax the COVID restrictions, now that they have been eased the requests for Japan are coming in thick and fast, I am certain more confirmations will follow. Oh happy days 😊



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