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  • David J Marks


Happy Monday morning, it is with awesome pleasure that I am able to replicate my favourite headline from the Red top newspaper

The Sun “Cor what a scorcher” It certainly was on Friday, crystal clear blue skies, hot sunny 38 degrees C and no sooner was it a scorcher then the next day, Saturday it wasn’t, the temperature dropped some 15 degrees and it was well just OK. Although, as ever, the Brits excluding me, all complained it was way too hot on Friday and oh isn’t this weather much better than 38 degrees C?

NO! NO! NO! as the late Margret Thatcher (RIP) would say, no it is not, I much prefer a scorcher at least for a few weeks on the trot then we can say we have a great summer in the UK, so far it has been well below average.

Happy August, oh no August, that means we are over the Summer hump and barrelling downhill toward winter that means I am not a happy bloke OK I guess I am except the weather, I am sure in a previous life I was a cactus in the Arizona Desert, I always have to look up if desert is spelt with one “s” or 2 “s”s I would hate to describe myself as a cactus in an Arizona trifle or chocolate cake.

Oh dear did you see the British Airways first quarter results? total revenue declined by 13 per cent to €4.6 billion compared to €5.3 billion in the prior year period. Operating results before exceptional items was a loss of €535 million compared to a profit of €135 million last year. IAG the owner of British Airways has reduced passenger capacity in April and May by 94 per cent compared to last year, only operating flights for essential travel and repatriation. Between 22 March and 26 April. In light of the impact of COVID-19 on current operations and the expectation that the recovery of passenger demand to 2019 levels will take several years. Hooooo hummmmm , not much more that one can say about that except one word dreadful.

Congratulations to Liverpool FC for the Championship, to Arsenal FC for the FA Cup and Lewis Hamilton for winning the British Grand Prix some summer sport highlights of normality.

MM and Company news update


Valentina of Camonsite, the DMC that is part of Germany insight the DMC MM and Company has been presenting for a long time, has told me that it is her colleague Anaïs Dukunze’s turn to show you her favourite part of Berlin which is the Capital of Street Art. This is the link it is the latest episode of Camonsite DMC’s tailor-made journeys through Berlin.

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