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  • David J Marks

Dateline Monday 31st July 2023

Happy summer Monday morning, I hope all with well with you and yours

July is almost done dusted and in history it will go down as the wettest most dull, dreary, damp and sunless July on record what a dreadful month of weather we have had to endure and don’t get me started bout the weather of rain all day yesterday and the start of today, horrible

AUGUST is here hooray that means your author of the Monday Morning e mail is taking a break, basically, there is nothing to tell you, there is not much going on in World News reports, not too much going on in our conference and incentive industry or with my beautiful adult (only just) daughters. However, there is plenty to do at central command located in MM and Company Towers

Naturally I will be working in the office, there is no way on earth I will go away in July or August not when the world and his wife (as my Dad would say) are on holiday. Everywhere is full and expensive and besides now that the girls have left school I don’t have to dovetail in with their school holidays (what a relief) plus London well at least Swiss Cottage is quiet, not many people about, parking is easy, shopping is easy. So if you need anything from a conference, event, incentive destination point of view or if you just want a chat I am available on 07710-031475.

Whilst waiting for your e mail or phone all I will be focusing on various requests and ongoing projects, a FAM trip aka business development trip to Abu Dhabi with TRAVCO DMC, a potential business development trip to Mauritius with Hello Islands DMC Mauritius, a quick two-day trip to Frankfurt, Germany with Eva of Cornerstone Meetings part of Germanyinsight DMC.

Sandra, Ella and I are working on a mailing that will be sent out to our awesome clients (you) at the beginning of September, which will coincide with the launch of DELTA DMC Amsterdam who have joined the portfolio of awesome tried and tested DMC represented by us at MM and Company.

So all that remains for me to do is to wish you an amazing August, a warm, wonderful and safe summer

Talk to you in September the Monday morning e mail will resume on MONDAY 4th September

MM and Company news update

Welcome to Alexandra, Andreas, and the awesome team at DELTA DMC Amsterdam



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