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  • David J Marks


Happy Autumnal Monday morning, the wind is blowing, the temperature has dropped big time, I guess we could not prolong the summer much longer Autumn has arrived to the leaf strewn streets of London NW6. I hope you are well and surviving the fact that pubs, bars and restaurants now close at 10PM and Clubs now don’t even bother opening, OMG what a mess. Talking of a mess University life is effectively being put on hold and I do feel sorry for the young folk all wanting to have a good time, probably for the first time away from Mum and Dad.

Seems like we are about to start surfing the second wave of this dreadful virus, bit by bit we are being locked down again, the Government have leaked a suggestion that we will be entering a “circuit break” of a two week lockdown, if they are thinking about it, leaking it I am sure it will happen. Not much we can do about it just roll with the punches be a bit like Chumbawamba and their one hit “I get knocked down I get up again” ask John Prescott about Chumbawamba 😊

This week sees the start of October and soon, yes very soon, in less than 100 days this challenging, some say dreadful year will be consigned to the rubbish bin of history, a rubbish year indeed. A rubbish year for most but not for Jeff Bezos CEO of Amazon he has had an excellent year. I would worry if I was Jeff I don’t have enough years left to spend all that money.

Today is the Day of Atonement the most holy day of the year in the Jewish Calendar, a day of fasting that started on Sunday evening at 6.30 PM and goes on till 7.30PM this evening, no eating, no drinking, no smoking, no nothing, not even “that”! It is a day spent socially distant in Synagogue reflecting on the past year and making promises to be a better person this year.

MM and Company news update

For the first time that I can recall Mr Johnson, our Prime minister has actually included the words “no conferences” in his decree of what we can and cannot do with whom and when. Not good news at all



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