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  • David J Marks


Happy Monday morning, I hope all is well and that you had a great weekend despite the disappointing, somewhat chilly weather on Sunday, I describe the summer weather as chilly if the thermometer reads less than 24 degrees C as I am writing this email to you on Sunday evening the rain is pouring down in a way that can only be described a biblical. Noah is ready.

Talking of thermometers my girls and I went out for a pizza on Thursday first time we had been out together for quite a few months we arrived at the restaurant the first thing the establishment did was the temperature thing, the hostess who greeted us with the temperature gun that looks like a Star Trek Phaser said “oh 36” I said “wow it can tell someone’s age as well, amazing” she thought that was very funny I thought how comes no one else has crack that comment before.

Delighted to see Sajid Javid back where he should be, in The Cabinet. Sajid resigned over a principle of standing by his team of advisors when that scoundrel Toss Pot Cummings said he wanted control of the selection of Special Advisors, I am sure Mr Javid will do a great job as Secretary of State for Health.

Sad result for the Wales National Football team they did well to get this far. England v Germany on Tuesday that will be worth watching if not for the football for the crowds.

Sad news for Sir Lewis Hamilton he only came second in the Austrian Grand Prix ,well done to the winner Max Verstappen and the Red Bull team.

Is there no end to the disruption this wretched virus is visiting upon the World, the Lions tour of South Africa has been hit by Covid challenges so was the football I guess the Tennis will be as well, let’s see what this week brings.

Wimbledon starts today that it my Mum will be glued to her arm chair for the next two weeks, she loves her tennis.

MM and Company news update

The team at MM and Company are very much here, present, correct and all accounted for waiting patiently till the good times roll again for SURE roll again they will.

I said last week the things were being to shake and move again, I spoke to quite a few clients last week to see how the proposals the DMCs sent matched up to their expectations and if the proposals received met the brief sent, all were very happy and feeling positive about the feedback received from their corporate clients, soooo fingers crossed the patient is slowly coming of out the COVID induced coma

Cancun Mexico

Manuel, Suzanna, Lilianna and the rest of the team at The EPIC Group DMC, Cancun Mexico have told us that the all-inclusive Hilton Cancun an All-Inclusive Resort located on 100 acres of coastline, 18 miles south of Cancun’s Hotel Zone and north of Riviera Maya, is now taking reservations for stays from November 7, 2021. The resort will have 715 guestrooms, 12 culinary experiences, two oceanfront pools and a myriad of entertainment and relaxation options.

Rooms start at 430 square feet and include a sitting area, stone bathroom, ample closet space and a balcony. Suites start at double the size (860 square feet) and have a living room with a sofa and dining space, a bathroom with a soaking tub (plus an additional bath off the entry) and a furnished patio.

For dining, there will be five specialty restaurants (and 12 venues total). Some options include Auma, home to an open-fire mixed grill, where guests can order prime cuts and house specialties; Damiana, serving traditional Mexican cuisine; La Luce, a trattoria positioned around a central wood-fired pizza oven; and Sunan, an all-day lounge influenced by Southeast Asia (and also home to a sushi counter). Other F&B outlets include a walk-up taqueria, an all-day buffet serving global cuisine, a lobby bar and La Churreria, plus an all-you-can-eat ice cream and churro shop.


It’s all happening in MALTA, the team at MI Malta DMC lead by Douglas and Erika ably assisted by Claudia and Helga tells me that there is an awesome new property opened up in Malta, in fact The Times on Saturday called it the most glamourous place to stay in Malta and as I know we all love a bit of glamour I thought I would tell you something, but no all about this opulent new hotel with a roof top terrace in Valetta, the property defies words you have to see it for yourself on a site inspection with the Mi Malta DMC team by your side. The hotel is called The Iniala Harbour House Hotel it is a collection of renovated harbourside houses in Valetta, it has a Michelin star roof top restaurant called Ion. I hope that has given you some idea, if you want to know more just send an e mail to the Mi Malta DMC team they have got the full story for you.


Geraint, James and the crew at The J Team DMC Japan are celebrating their 12th Anniversary. They have dedicated their 12th Anniversary newsletter to EVERYONE that has helped them in the past 12 years to become Japan’s very best DMC. In a typical understatement and in the tradition of the humble Japanese establishment they have thanked everyone except themselves for an incredible 12 years of being Japan’s foremost DMC. This is an extract from The J Team DMC newsletter

“EVERYONE of our partners in Japan, whose willingness-to-take-up-challenges and professionalism has made it possible to do what we do. Your expertise has been invaluable.

EVERYONE of our guests, whose trust, patience and enthusiasm has allowed us to be part of their Japan journey. Your presence has given meaning to each day.

And your absence these past 15 months has indeed made our hearts grow fonder. And, EVERY SINGLE INDIVIDUAL who has contributed unseen - coach-mechanics, waiting-staff, luggage-van drivers, set-builders and thousands of others who do their job with minimum fuss and maximum professionality. Your contribution may be unseen by guests, but it underpins everything we are and do, and is the secret sauce that makes the World love Japan.”

The team at MM and Company wants to say THANK YOU to you The J Team DMC Crew for delivering awesome and outstanding events to our UK clients and colleagues.

That’s it you are fully up to date

Until next week wishing you a GREAT week.



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