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  • David J Marks


Happy Monday, what a beautiful morning it is here in the soon to be leafless suburbs of London NW6 I hope you are well and that you had a great weekend even though the bars, pubs and restaurants close at 10PM and the fact that your favourite club has not been open for many, many months. I think it may be time to reopen the Speakeasy 😊

My weekend was busy Saturday, morning was synagogue, visit Mum in the afternoon type stuff Sunday usual exercise my morning 8K run has deteriorated into an 8K walk until my left knee stops hurting then in the afternoon as darkness descended at 4PM I trawled through back copies of the Saturday and Sunday Times magazines to find a Nadia cake recipe I liked I found one made the five limes drizzle cake the final bit was 100gms of caster sugar and the juice of five limes then pour it over the hot cake immediately as you take it out the oven now I don’t like wet, soggy food (see my girls section below) so I wasn’t going to add that bit but hey decided to follow Nadia’s recipe to soak the cake, as soon as I have sent this it will be coffee and cake time, I will report back next week as to the soggy or soaked verdict

Great weekend for British sport Lewis Hamilton broke the 91 Grand Prix wins record set my Michael Schumacher (how is he I wonder? such a tragic skiing accident ) and Tao Geoghegan Hart won the Giro d'Italia

As to politics one of my favourite subject I have had enough of commenting on Trump and Johnson and please do not get me started on Andy Burnham of Grater Manchester Mayor fame please!!! he was never going to win against the PRIME MINISTER

MM and Company news update


Marvin and the team at CAMONSITE DMC part of Germany Insight have released Episode 9 - The Berlin Wall on YouTube

Please cut and paste this link into your search engine sit back with a cup of tea coffee or German beer and enjoy a few minutes in Berlin with the Camonsite DMC team

Cancun Mexico as well as Los Cabos and Mexico City

Manuel, Lilianna Susanne and the team at The EPIC Group DMC Cancun are gearing up for the Día de Muertos Hermosa Tradición Mexicana and for those of you who do not speak Spanish (that includes me) it is The Day of the Dead a Mexican tradition. Ok now I get COVID Effing 19 has put the mockers on it this year however it is NEVER too early to plan for next year this is an annual festival. The atmosphere in many cities all over Mexico is awesome. The Día de Muertos celebrations and displays last for several days, parades, street food, street art, street entertainment and theatre is all there it is basically to “DIE FOR” ha ha see what I did there 😊 If you want to see real street spectacular google or search u tube for the opening scene of Spectre one of the best James Bond films to date,

The film’s stand-out moment was the opening scene in which Bond casually strolls through a Day of the Dead parade in Mexico City before, changing into a suit and pursuing his targets.

A visit to The Day of the Dead in Mexico City is on my bucket list as well as the Calgary Stampede in Canada.



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