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  • David J Marks

Dateline Monday 25th March 2024

Good morning, happy Monday welcome to the first four-day week, one this week and another next week, I hope all is well. The weather over the weekend was great but a bit chilly when the wind blew which was a lot on Saturday not so much on Sunday.  I was able to do my Sunday morning walk which totalled 21,000 steps.


Last week I mentioned there were several World Celebration days and I asked for suggestions for new World Celebration days, a very close, beautiful friend of mine who I have known since I was 24 years old so that is about 15 years then, suggested World BEST FRIEND Day, I love that suggestion. A wonderful frient (a David word for friend and client) reminded me of a very important World Celebration day that occurs in October, if you do not know what day that is I will remind you via The Royl Mail when it comes around.


The Princess of Wales bless her, has to live out her life in the full glare of the press and publicity, everything she says or does is plastered over the world press I am sure she was well aware that would be her life from the moment she started going out with William, but did she realise it would be relentless scrutiny? I doubt it.


Congratulations to Simon Harris who will soon become the Prime Minister of Ireland and well done to Leo Varadkar who seemed to have done a good job over the past seven years as the Irish taoiseach he always appeared to be quite a nice and decent chap.


Ramadan continues, week three of the four week festival.  If Ramadan applies to you may I wish you, your colleagues, family and friends Ramadan Kareem.


Today is the 171st day Israeli babies, toddles, children, teens, women, men and seniors have been held hostage in the Hamas terror tunnels in Gaza.

It was good to see on the news that the Spanish ship has finally arrived off the coast of Gaza and offloaded the supplies.


Looked like the waiters and waitresses of Cafes in Paris were having a great time racing through the streets of Paris each carrying a tray with a coffee, a croissant and a glass of water to the finishing line perfect free to view street theatre.


On Sunday the Jewish Festival of PURIM started and if you were caught up in the celebrations, I hope they were fun as that is what they were supposed to be Purim samayach, chag samayach.


And dear reader that is about it from a David point of view for this week at least. Obviously, there will NOT be a Monday morning e mail next Monday as it will be EASTER MONDAY  


MM and Company news update


Erika, Claudia, Helga, Douglas, and the team at Mi Malta DMC have told us of the annual Fireworks Festival one of the key events in the Maltese Islands will be held for 10 days starting on 20th April culminating with the grand finale taking place at the Grand Harbour on the last day of April. The firework festival Celebrates Malta’s rich history and tradition of fireworks, the festival pays homage to centuries-old customs integral to the local Maltese festivities. Locations will include Valletta, Marsaxlokk, Nadur and Mellieħa, mechanical ground fireworks displays to showcases in harbours, traditional village festivals with local band marches and delectable Maltese cuisine, the annual festival offers a diverse array of experiences for all ages. The grand finale promises entertainment for everyone, ensuring an unforgettable conclusion to this Maltese cultural celebration. competitions among fireworks teams from various localities in Malta, the festival adds an element of excitement and camaraderie as participants vie for awards based on creativity, colour, music synchronization, and technique.


IMEX Frankfurt May 2024

The build up to IMEX in Frankfurt has started, I have booked my hotel and flight; I have asked our DMCs if they will be attending IMEX so far declare are

Pascal and Enrica of NACARA DMC France they will be there only on the Tuesday.

Stephane of Hello Islands DMC Mauritius will be on the Euromic Stand G500

The J Team DMC Japan will be on the Tokyo City stand 

Nassos has just told us that AME DMC Greece will be at IMEX  




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