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  • David J Marks


Good Monday morning on this third week of August I hope you are well and COVID free and not in self isolation due to having just returned from Croatia, Austria or Trinidad and Tobago.

I made the decision many months ago that an overseas holiday was not on the horizon for me and the girls this year it simply did not make sense from the point of view of not being sure if the holiday will run its course and not get cut short due to an increase in COVID 19 cases it also made economic sense not to go away this year, so it’s the leafy lanes of Swiss Cottage it has been years and years since I spent August in London. We have had some scorching days, we have also had some appalling weather days but all in all it hasn’t been too bad.

Looks like the weather is heading towards Autumn with far too much speed I was hoping for a few more scorching days, I think that hope will be somewhat in vain

BelaRus, could this be then end of the 26 year rule of the President of Belarus, most sensible countries limit the number of terms a President can serve and also limit the number of years each term lasts, so how come Belarus has got away with it for so long. Come on buddy pack up you things it is time to move on, give someone else a turn at running the country

California, awful news footage of the destruction caused by the wild fires, so did President Trump declare a state of emergency to enable Federal funds to be pumped into California for political gain or because it is a real emergency, looks like the latter but I am sure it will be spun as the former.

Hey, hey no e mail next Monday, it is BANK HOLIDAY. Yaaayyy a day off to do nothing, a bit like the past several months in the Conference and Incentive world, Oh and don’t bother heading to West London for the Notting Hill Carnival that is yet another COVID 19 victim it’s been cancelled.

MM and Company news update

I have always been honest with you and I am going to continue that modus operandi there is little or no news to tell you only that we are here with all the DMCs that we recommend and represent waiting for things to return to normal, they will for sure, ahhhh but WHEN? that is what we all want to know, not sadly in the immediate future.


James and the crew at The J Team DMC has a team called The Press Gang they has told us to use the “Accessibility” function on LinkedIn, all of the URLs are live links. Here you will find The J Team DMC Japan Olympic Special Report on what The J Team and its crew are up to and their special way of celebrating The Olympics Japan 2020 and 2021.



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