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  • David J Marks


Happy Monday morning, I hope all is well

OK seems like “The Guvnor” has turned off the heating so I have turned the heating on in Swiss Cottage. Today is the LONGEST day it is the middle of June and it is chilly! Not a good look or a good feeling. But here I am as usual bringing warm, sunny wishes direct to you on this rather drab, dull and grey Monday morning.

Awful news last week when Bo Jo our dear leader and Prime Minister continued the lockdown measures still in place that should have been lifted on 21st June have been extended till 19th July, all due to the Indian “Delta” virus variant, have you heard that there is now a Nepal variant for crying out loud, enough of all of this we all need to get back to normal, normal normal, not the new normal if you get what I mean. Now we are hearing that as we drift slowly down to Autumn that the flu will be worse than Covid, p l e a s e! I am so over this COVID cr*p

I see wee Nicola and Andy “Militant Bonkers” Burnham Mayor of Manchester are having a spat over holidays in Scotland, there she goes again Wee Cranky Queen Nicola declaring Scotland as an independent country trying to reject people from Manchester and the regions going on holiday to Scotland, good luck with that Nicola.

Talking of Scotland, The Euros continue, The Scots came and the Scots left, not too much destruction in their wake, however there is always a however, I have been sent a video of a kilted Scotsman in the advanced state of refreshment, breakdancing in an underground tube train carriage, it seems that indeed nothing is worn under the kilt not a good look Jimmy not a good look. Disappointing result nil - nil but a good outcome no civil war ensued. Shame about the Wales v Italy match Wales played well just didn’t get the chances they needed but they still go through to the next round. England let’s see.

And finally the factor 20 sun screen has been shelved for the time being, the Spring Autumn type light ski jacket has made a comeback yes the ski jacket, I wore when I went to London’s West End yesterday afternoon.

MM and Company news update

The team at MM and Company are very much here, present, correct and all accounted for waiting patiently till the good times roll again for SURE roll again they will.

I said last week the things were being to shake and move again, I spoke to quite a few clients last week to see how the proposals the DMCs sent matched up to their expectations and if the proposals received met the brief sent, all were very happy and feeling positive about the feedback received from their corporate clients, soooo fingers crossed the patient is slowly coming of out the COVID induced coma


Mr Stephane Louise, Director of the awesome DMC MM and Company have been representing in Mauritius since 2005 previously named Connections DMC now renamed Hello Island DMC has

finally some exciting news finally for Mauritius. Stephane is pleased to announce that Mauritius will be opening for International Travel on the 15th July 2021 for fully vaccinated travellers. The island will be opening in phases and the first phase, from 15th July to 30th September will enable travellers to enjoy a resort holiday on the island. From 1st October, phase two will see fully vaccinated travellers be able to have unrestricted access to the entire island. You can also find more information at

If you need any additional information, please let me and Stephane know.


The team at MI Malta DMC lead by Douglas and Erika ably assisted by Claudia and Helga tells me that effective June 17, 2021, the United States has been added to Malta’s “Amber List” on a state-by-state basis. This means U.S. citizens from 38 states will be welcome to enter Malta following the guidelines for “Amber List” countries. This statement was issued by Malta’s superintendent of public health.

Johann Buttigieg, CEO of the Malta Tourism Authority, in a press statement welcomed this announcement and hailed it as “another step forward for Malta’s tourism sector, which is breathing life again, after COVID-19 restrictive measures were relaxed, slowly and gradually, keeping everyone’s health and safety as a top most priority, together with ensuring that Malta still has all the right ingredients for everyone to ‘Feel Free Again.’” He added, “Malta looks forward to welcoming back Americans, one of our strongest inbound markets.”

About the “Amber List:” Passengers arriving from countries on the “Amber List” are required to submit a negative COVID-19 PCR test certificate with the date and time stamp of the test, before boarding flights to Malta. This swab test would need to have been carried out within the 72 hours prior to arrival in Malta.

That’s it you are fully up to date

Until next week wishing you a GREAT week.

If you want a vaccination and you are 18 years old or you can now get one especially if you are in Bolton or Blackburn. Hug everybody, NOOOOO don’t hug everyone only those who are fully vaccinated, shake hands noooooo, wash your hands yesssssss, check the destination traffic light system, I would bother to be honest. Go shopping, go to the pub, go out to eat, spend, spend, spend get the country back on a growth trajectory, buy lots of stuff, stay safe, wear a mask. Go to the football, have several tests, prove you have had the tests, get a ticket if you can, watch it on telly.



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