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  • David J Marks

Dateline Monday 1st July 2024

Good morning, summer arrived in awesome fashion last week beautiful weather, I have now put my plans to up sticks and live in the Arizona desert on hold, the sun is shining in London W10.


London is such an awesome city especially when the sun shines which hopefully will be for the next two weeks as Wimbledon starts. The Pride Parade in London was a spectacular and fun event. I knew something was going on so I went for one of my walks into town i.e. The West End on Saturday afternoon. I walked down Avenue Road through Regents Park down Marylebone High Street and into Oxford Street no obvious sign of a parade. I walked my favourite street Bond Street and there it was the Pride Parade, the whole of Piccadilly was barriered off, the parade was progressing from Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square so, so crowded, I watched it for a while. Then walked back via Regents Street and my favourite chocolate shop, every time I buy chocolate there, I am gobsmacked by the price and swear to myself that is the last time I buy chocolate from that shop especially and M&S chocolate is really good and a third of the price.   

It’s soap box time

Today is the 269th day of the war in Gaza and the 269th day that Israeli babies, toddles, children, teens, women, men and seniors have been held hostage in the Hamas terror tunnels in Gaza. Netanyahu has not had much success bringing the hostages home since the 100 hostages were set free earlier this year. It seems that both Gaza and Ukraine are off the news agendas at the moment replaced by Joe Biden Donald Trump and our General Election.

Off the soap box now

Seems that Joe Biden had a bad day when debating Donald Trump on the CNN debate however he bounced back the next day. An eminent physician and friend told me that these are the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease a bad day followed by a good day. All I know is I hope I won’t be working when I am 81 years old unless called upon to be leader of the free world then I will have to reconsider., I do hope I will be in better shape than Biden.

OMG they are still looking for the teenager Jay Slater lost on Tenerife, in the news the other day there was a report of a man lost in the California forest for 10 days he was found alive and sort of well having surviving on wild berries and river water, he lost 2½ stone in weight (that is almost 16 kilos in new money) hummmm there is a seed of an idea here, 2½ stone!  more on that in the next few weeks. The Police have cleared the two men he went off with of any wrongdoing. Let’s hope Jay turns up safe and well.


That dear reader that is about it from a David point of view for this week at least.


MM and Company news update



Martin, Evelyn, and the team at e+o travel DMC Austria have told us of this beautiful lakeside historic castle property due to open today 1st July in Salzburg, the Rosewood Schloss Fuschl in

Salzburg, where Mozart once composed his seminal masterpieces, the Schloss Fuschl stands as testament to Austria’s illustrious heritage.

The castle hotel is on the banks of lake fuschl, a centuries-old retreat historically frequented by royalty is now fully restored as an awesome location for special incentive groups and events. The hotel has 98 guest rooms, including 46 suites and lakefront chalets, the location has lakeside scenery and surrounding evergreen forests, experience the Schloss Fuschl with the team at e+o travel DMC you and your stakeholder clients will be impressed.


You are now totally up to date; you know as much as I do, wishing you an outstanding SUNNY and WARM week ahead.



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