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  • David J Marks

Dateline Monday 18th December 2023

Happy Monday and yayyyyyy Happy Christmas this is the LAST Monday morning e mail for a while as next Monday is CHRISTMAS Day, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, the Christmas season is an awesome a great time of year.


Enough of the goings on in the World, enough of the goings on in Parliament and Downing Street, enough of everything especially my ranting about things,  it’s a time to chill and enjoy.

What will the next year bring? it is almost too exciting to bear.


My simple objective of this e mail is to say:-


THANK YOU for reading or not reading my Monday morning e mail as the case may be.


THANK YOU for your comments and feedback, mostly about my girls’ antics but very welcome just the same.


THANK YOU for the support and loyalty you have given to MM and Company and the awesome portfolio of “A List” DMCs we at MM and Company represent.


Finally, may I wish you, your colleagues, family and friends and indeed the entire world an AWESOME Christmas whatever shape it may be taking in your household. I hope 2024 will be the year PEACE returns to the world. If Christmas is not your thing, may I wish you a safe, successful, happy and above all HEALTHY (yes in caps 😊 shouting) New Year


I will be back in January 2024, bigger, brighter, bolder than ever before, my Monday morning e mail will be entering its 22nd year.  


MM and Company news update

The AWESOME and amazing DMCs that MM and Company represent


Amsterdam Alexandra Andreas and the team at DELTA DMC 

Austria Martin, Evelyn and the team at e+o meeting event and travel management Gmbh

Budapest Katinka, Imola and the team at Cosmos DMC  

Cancun Manuel, Lilianna and the team at The EPIC Group DMC

Dubai and Abu Dhabi Jyoti, Christina, Candy and the team at TRACVO DMC 

Florida Clem, Nora and the team at C Florida Hospitality 

France and Monaco Pascal, Enrica, Melanie and the team at NACARA DMC  

Germany Eva and the team at Cornerstone Meetings DMC

Greece Nassos and the team at AME DMC 

Japan Geraint, James and the crew at The J Team DMC 

Malta Douglas, Erika, Helga, Claudia and the team at MI Malta DMC 

Mauritius Karl, Stephane and the team at Hello Islands DMC 

Morocco Lina, Habib, Rachid and the team at Visit Morocco DMC 

New York Beth and the team at Details NYC 

Prague Daniel and the team at ITC DMC 

Southern Africa Shaun, Brad and the team at The Inside Edge DMC

Turkey Muge and the team at Blue DMC 


Would all like to take this opportunity to thank you for your tremendous support and event opportunities over the past many years as well as in 2023, the DMCs owners, management teams wish you, your colleagues, family and friends a very happy Christmas and a safe, peaceful, prosperous but above all HEALTHY New Year.


We ALL look forward to working with you in 2024 and beyond.     



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