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  • David J Marks


Happy Monday Morning guys, what a wonderful weekend of weather we have just had in the south of the UK, the north didn’t have it as good as we did down here in the Big Smoke. The next few day we got here a touch of not frost but of summer sunshine, it is due to hit 30 degrees C today Monday, 29 degrees C tomorrow, then downhill till Friday when it slightly picks up again but I think this is the last hurrah of Summer, now in early Autumn.

COVID 19, OMG more restrictions, now you can only have a six people bubble, SIX PEOPLE so what does Snow White do? She has to lose two of her short people, Snow White and the FIVE dwarfs, just one consequence of the actions of Boris and his buddies.

So hummm my bubble, guess I need to choose very carefully indeed now which five people will it be? First it has to be the weed man essential in a lock down, then the guy from Majestic wines in St John’s Wood, the Krispy Kreme lady naturally has to be included in my bubble, the massage lady, my lawyer of course, oh the Deliveroo driver although he always leaves dinner on the door step then legs it down the road, so forget him, oh and my three girls, oh look no room for the family ☹

This weekend sees the start of the month long season of Jewish festivals, what we call the High Holydays, this weekend coming is Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, we celebrate the beginning of the Jewish Year 5780. It will be the New Year but not as we know it, normally we would have up to 18 family members over for the first night dinner, 12 seated round the dining table and the rest perched on sofas and arm chairs, who cares its family. The start of the Jewish New Year begins at sunset on Friday evening. This year it will just be immediate family me and my girls, my 94 year old Mum is self-isolating from my teenage daughters, Mum doesn’t like that and is really missing seeing them but we have no idea who they are socialising with, for sure social distancing is not something they are good at plus they go on the bus, the tube and at school so the last thing we want is Mum being clobbered by COVID.

At Hannah’s school (it’s a school of 2,00 students) she was telling me at break time the boys were playing football someone scored a goal and 20 or so boys jumped on top of each other to celebrate the goal. In the very not distant melee one boy broke his collar bone and another had a big cut on his head, hence Mum is going nowhere near my potentially carrying of Covid daughters.

One of the customs during dinner on the New Year is we say a prayer for a sweet and happy year by dipping a segment of apple into honey and eating it as honey drips all over the table.

So if this applies to you may I take this opportunity to wish you, the six people you are closest to, the rest of your family and friends a sweet, happy and above all healthy New Year.

MM and Company news update


James Kent and The J Team DMC Japan crew featured on the BBC news highlighting how The J Team and The Japan National Tourist Office were celebrating The Olympics Japan 2020 and 2021

I had a link to send to you but the BBC does not support the link inside the UK something to do with the licence fee. Trust me the J Team scrubbed up well for the telly 😊


GREEN SHOOTS GUYS, Eva and the team at Cornerstone Meetings Frankfurt part of Germanyinsight hosted their first site inspection YES, YES, YES, a SITE INSPECTION for a pharma conference and event for mid-June 2021. Eva told me it went very well even though some of it had to be done via zoom, it worked out well and the hotel as well as Eva are preparing COVID Contracts yaaaayyyyyyyyy



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