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  • David J Marks


Good morning, Monday morning again I hope you had a great weekend. The weather on Saturday and Sunday was awesome extraordinarily warm even barmy, sunny dry and yes warm for November, I hope all is well with you. However this morning it is a wee bit foggy here in London W10

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KING CHARLES 111Long may he reign over us, God save The King.

OK please tell me where Microsoft Outlook has hidden the emoji symbols, can’t find a balloon symbol anywhere

Talking of birthdays, today the BBC is 100 years old, the very first BBC broadcast was made from London at 6PM on 14th November 1922

Yesterday as I watched the Remembrance Sunday ceremony at The Cenotaph in London I was again in awe of the men and women that have served this country and may other countries over the years and decades, the precision of the event, the exact timing of the event, the actual ceremony itself, I have said it before and I will say it again the UK does this type of thing very well indeed.

On Thursday last week I had a meeting in the West End at 11.30AM in Mayfair to be exact with strategic hotel partners of MM and Company based in Istanbul, they were over in the UK for World Travel Market and some additional meetings. It was the day of the Underground strike, I had tried to suggest another date and time but they said they were happy to meet on that day. I left London NW6 at10AM to give me plenty of time to get there fully intending to walk into town, the traffic was a nightmare, the buses were full with long queues at all bus stops I passed. so as I had intended to do I walked, the weather was dry and bright so not an arduous task, I arrived at exactly 11.27AM yes I was very pleased with myself.

Our Friends across The Pond including Clem and the team at C Florida Hospitality DMC and Beth with her team at Details NYC DMC New York are digesting the results of the midterm elections in the USA no idea what they are all about, but it seems that President Biden did well and Ex-President Trump not so well.

Sad and bad news in Istanbul, my thoughts, prayers, and warm wishes go out to the people hurt and to the bereaved relatives of those who have died, whoever perpetrated this evil act will not succeed in what they want to achieve. violence and inflicting damage on people and property has never worked in the past and will not work now or in the future. They are just criminals and insane murderers that’s it.

Congratulations and commiserations, congratulations to the English Cricket Team who beat Pakistan in Australia to be crowned World Champions of T20 Cricket commiserations to the Red Roses the England Women’s Ruby team so got narrowly beaten by the New Zealand Black Ferns Women’s Ruby Team in front of a partisan home crowd in Auckland New Zealand the ladies put on an outstanding performance all credit to them it was a very tough ask to beat the Black Ferns on home soil

That’s it, you are up to date from a David point of view

MM and Company news update

IBTM Barcelona 29th Nov-1st Dec 2022

Habib of Visit Morocco DMC will be on the Morocco Booth

Travco DMC Dubai and Abu Dhabi will be there, stand information to be confirmed

Erica and Douglas of Mi Malta DMC will be on the Malta Stand

Loic Mention one of The J Team DMC Crew will be representing The J Team at IBTM, on the Tokyo stand.

Muge of Blue DMC Turkey will be at IBTM on Stand # G 60



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