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  • David J Marks

Dateline Monday 13th May 2024

Good morning, I hope you are well, and you had a great May Day bank holiday last Monday, regardless of the fact that it rained most of the day and it was cold of course the weather brighten up and warmed up on the day after bank holiday typical. Thank goodness it wasn’t bank holiday last week, we had a great week of weather naturally one good week is normally followed by several days of rubbish weather.   


Whilst you read this e mail I am travelling to Frankfurt to attend IMEX, are you going? If you happen to be at IMEX with a bit of time on your hands between appointments, please call me on 07710-031475 let’s meet up for coffee and some schnapps maybe lunch if you have time.


Did you see the Northern Lights over the weekend? In the job that I do I get to travel (yeah really) one of my most favourite places to go is ICELAND, I have been lucky enough to travel to Iceland several times over my career and I have seen the most spectacular Northern Lights a few times, it is an awesome show that Mother Nature puts on but you have to be lucky to see them.


Talking of Mother Nature last week it was devastating floods in Brazil this week it is catastrophic floods in Afghanistan, I have said many times how lucky we are to live in the UK, to be fair I can understand why so many people want to get out of Afghanistan, the country is skint, almost everyone is poor and they are governed by nutters and fanatics from the Middle Ages.


Eurovision, what more can I say? Bambi thug! Need I say more?  I have seen some of the acts, some are ok, some are just ridiculous, I am biased I admit that but Israel’s song it awesome. Ukraine won two years ago was that a political vote? That means Israel won’t win, be that as it may the fact that Israel is there at all is a win. I downloaded the app and cast my vote.         


It’s soap box time

Today is the 220th day of the war in Gaza and the 220th day that Israeli babies, toddles, children, teens, women, men and seniors have been held hostage in the Hamas terror tunnels in Gaza.

In the UK, Europe and in the USA many thousands of largely young social media brainwashed youngsters have been protesting in support of the Palestinians People and for the war to stop in Gaza, its interesting to see that there have been no protests in the Middle East except in Israel with some Israelis for the war and some Israelis against the war. I wonder why there are no protests in countries like Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Saudi let me guess perhaps they simply don’t care. Why do the social media wonks care some much boredom perhaps.

The war in Ukraine is taking a turn for the worse, many civilians are being killed and displaced, Russia is gaining the upper hand, Russia invaded a peaceful country, where are the social media wonks protesting against the Russian aggressors? NONE, nada, rien, not a peep, maybe it’s not trendy enough for them.  


Off the soap box now 

 That dear reader that is about it from a David point of view for this week at least.


MM and Company news update


IMEX Frankfurt May 2024

Eva of Cornerstone DMC Germany has asked me to tell you that the Frankfurt IMEX stand number F110 is hosting a get together on Wednesday 15th May at the stand F110 from 4.30PM and you are all welcome. It will be a traditional German affair with apple cider and snacks in a typical Frankfurt style.

The build up to IMEX in Frankfurt has started, I have booked my hotel and flight; I have asked our DMCs if they will be attending IMEX so far declared are:

Pascal and Enrica of NACARA DMC France they will be there only on the Tuesday.

Stephane of Hello Islands DMC Mauritius will be on the Euromic Stand G500

The J Team DMC Japan will be on the Tokyo City stand 

Nassos has just told us that AME DMC Greece will be at IMEX  

Alper Bayulken of Blue DMC Turkey will on stand # E470, the Turkey stand.

Eva Hoffmann of Cornerstone DMC Germany will be on booth F110 Germany

Candida Lobo and Manish Gupta of TRAVCO DMC Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman and Qatar Hall 8 Abu Dhabi stand no E520  


South Africa

The Cape Grace Hotel, a Fairmont Managed Hotel, located on the V&A Waterfront has reopened after nine months of renovations.

Each of the hotel’s 112 rooms and suites sports large French windows or balconies that look out onto either the marina or the backdrop of Table Mountain.

The new restaurant Heirloom offers a Tasting Menu totalling seven courses that utilize locally sourced ingredients. The new dining experiences also include a Pool Bar, the Library Lounge for traditional afternoon tea and pre- or post-dinner drinks in the evenings, as well as the revamped Bascule Bar & Lounge, known for its whiskey collection and wine cellar.



The 175 room Four Seasons Hotel Osaka, located in the city’s Dojima district, is accepting reservations ahead of its opening on August 1, 2024. The hotel is within walking distance of the Umeda shopping, entertainment and business district; adjacent to Kitashinchi’s restaurants and bars; and a short walk to Nakanoshima, home to art galleries and museums.

The entire 28th floor of Four Seasons has 21 guestrooms and suites decorated as a contemporary interpretation of ryokan culture. Guests of these rooms can expect tatami mat flooring, sliding doors within each space, a platform bed, and a dining area that allows for traditional or standard seating. An additional 154 rooms and suites are spread through the 29th to 35th floors.

Four Seasons Hotel Osaka will offer six F&B options: Jiang Nan Chun offers a Cantonese dining experience in an interactive setting that includes multiple private and semi-private dining rooms; Sushi O offers a sleek wooden counter as well as a private dining room; Bar Bota has circular bar surrounded by views of the city’s skyline; Jardin is an all-day dining option serving an international breakfast, afternoon tea and French bistro classics with al fresco seating; Farine is an artisanal bakery offering grab-and-go options such as pastries and specialty coffees; and CHA is a Japanese tea lounge.


You are now totally up to date; you know as much as I do, wishing you an outstanding week ahead.



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