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  • David J Marks


Happy Monday I hope all is well and you

Phew Donald Trump is back at the helm of the ship USA, we can all relax again 😊 (yikeeees)

I think pantomime season has started early this year, will he? Won’t he? Oh no he will, ohhh noo he won’t. I am of course talking about Boris Johnson. Will he lock us down again? or won’t he lock us down again? My money, well if I had any my money would be on him extending half term to two maybe three weeks and locking us all down again. I sooo hope I am wrong.

Seems like SNP MP Margaret Ferrier has survived at least for the time being or have I missed her resignation?

MM and Company news update


Geraint Holt is the Managing Director of The J Team DMC Japan Geraint, a Welshman fell in love with Japan at an early age, he did a degree in Japanese at University in the UK he moved out to Japan many years ago and settled in Tokyo where he established The J Team DMC Japan. Geraint has written a feature article that has been published in MIX. I wanted to share the link with you so here it is, click and enter will take you to the article


Lina, Habib, Rachid and the team at VISIT MOROCCO DMC have put together a virtual fam, this was their first time of doing a virtual fam, please take a look on U Tube.

As with everything Lina and the team do at VISIT MOROCCO DMC they have thought of our client who would like to see this during their coffee break or their lunch break, so Lina has put together a five minute fam and an hour full on Fam.

This is the link for the full on version:

This is the link for the 5min coffee break teaser

I have watched both, there were a few challenges as with everything that is new there was bound to be some but I learned a lot from my virtual FAM to Morocco I have been to Morocco several times and I simply cannot wait to return, please take a look at this virtual Morocco experience sit back get some Moroccan whiskey (mint tea) on the go and enjoy



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