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  • David J Marks

Dateline Monday 12th June 2023

Happy Monday, at last, at last, at blooming last more than two day of consecutive dry, sunny, warm even hot by some standards. This is the weather I have been waiting for since October, I am sooo in the wrong country, and guess what I will be in the wrong country again. This week the forecast is a week of wonderfully warm weather and I will be out of the UK travelling.

I have sent my Monday morning e mail early this week due to the fact I am in New York meeting with Beth Lockwood President and Owner of Details NYC the DMC in New York, whom we have been representing since 2010 New York is one of those destinations that requires a revisit on a regular basis as it changes so much so quickly. New hotels, new venues, new attractions a reinvented destination.

Sandra is in the office, I am on my mobile my mobile 07710-031475 and e mail Sandra will also be monitoring my e mails so anything you need of a conference, event and incentive nature will be taken care of.

Last week I said the war in Ukraine was slipping off the Front Pages of the newspaper, it is well and truly back on the front pages, what total nut case terrorist on both a human level and environmental level ordered that the Dam in Ukraine be destroyed. Awful news that almost 6,000 people have been evacuated on both sides of the Dnipro River after flooding caused by the destruction of the Russian-occupied Kakhovka dam in Ukraine The destruction of the dam flooded dozens of villages and parts of a nearby city.

WONDERFUL news about the four children being found in the Amazon Rainforest after a month on their own, what a brilliant result

Bye bye Boris but not for long I bet. He is a very interesting chap, there is indeed no one else like him in politics, and we need characters. Name me one person in the House of Commons that is anywhere near as interesting as Mr Boris Johnson or as controversial. Just like the Terminator he will be back, “hasta la vista baby” is what I believe were his last words as he left the job as Prime Minister. Actually, his last words were “that’s all folks” I looked in up on Google but maybe his last words should have been as above.

Congratulations once again to Manchester City, Champions League Cup winners, the score was 1-0 I am told by people that know better it was not much of a match and City had to pull off two saves in the last five minutes of the match, but a win is a win. The streets of Istanbul will be awash and the bars will be packed with Brits in sky blue football shirts.

And that’s it, you are up to date from a David point of view.

MM and Company news update


James at The J Team DMC Japan has told us that the Trunk Hotel Yoyogi Park will open on 1st September 2023 in Tomigaya, Shibuya, with 25 guestrooms, a restaurant and a rooftop pool with a lounge. Located in the heart of Tokyo, close to Yoyogi Park. There will be four types of Standard Room, Park View Suites looking over Yoyogi Park, and an Owner’s Suite, located on the penthouse floor. All rooms have balconies The Trunk Hotel Yoyogi Park has a 67-seat restaurant, Pizzeria e Trattoria L'ombelico; and a rooftop pool and lounge. The hotel is a perfect property for a buyout.

The Meeting Show at Excel on 28th and 29th June 2023

We at MM and Company have taken exhibition space at the Meeting Show

Nassos from AME DMC Group Greece will be there on the MM and Company stand D14

Jyoti of Travco DMC Dubai Abu Dhabi and Oman will be there on the MM and Company stand D14

Stephane of Hello Islands DMC Mauritius will be there on the MM and Company stand D14

Eva of Cornerstone Meeting DMC part of Germanyinsight will be there on the MM and Company stand D14

Muge of Blue DMC Turkey will be there on the MM and Company stand D14



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