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  • David J Marks


Good morning to you on yet another Monday Morning, I hope you are fit and well

I have a question that I am totally desperate to know the answer to. Has anyone seen THE SUMMER”? I am sure it was here a few weeks ago but it seems to have disappeared. Or perhaps the autumn has arrived early this year . It's OK for British Columbia where the average recent temperature has been 110 degrees Fahrenheit where they normally have a summer temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit, I have sent an “e oh gram” (David word) asking them to send a bit of heat our UK way, I understand that it might just arrive towards the end of this week it’s all down to the gulf stream that is delivering weather in the wrong direction, damn you gulf stream. Its not that we can just decide “oh to hell with the British weather lets go to Malta or Spain or Morocco” it just not that easy these days. Is it on the correct list? does the destination accepts double vaccers? (another new word added to the lexicon due to COVID) Do we have to quarantine when we get there or when we get back? how many PCR tests do we need? Do we need a lateral flow test (WTF) have we got the right documents? I have an idea think I will stay in Marston Close, I will just have to put the central heating on again.

FREEDOM day on 19th July is getting closer, I think Freedom day should be renamed as CONFUSION REIGNS day? Mask on or mask off? wear a mask because it is law or wear a mask if you feel like it? You must wear a mask here but you can choose to wear a mask there, a dog’s breakfast of a decision for sure. Again Government trying to please all the people all the time and making a bad job at it.

Wimbledon is over for another year congratulations to The All England Lawn Tennis team for actually managing to put on the tournament and congratulation to Novak Djokovic Men’s Singles Champion and to Ashleigh Barty Ladies Singles Champion.

Well done to the England Football team for reaching the Euro Final and for giving the Italian team a great “run for their money”. Congratulations to Italy on their win and being crowned the Champions of Europe. My last word on the football, congratulations to all the lads that volunteered to take a penalty, the pressure out there on the penalty spot must have been unimaginable for any one that has not been there, and as for the abuse the players have received on social media, one word for the authors of such awful abusive words MORONS and I have to say I have cleaned that up considerably.

And finally many congratulations to Sir Richard Branson who has realised yet another aviation dream this time being the first passenger on the Virgin Galactic Air Space Craft venturing to the inner edge of outer space, OMG I sooo want to do that.

MM and Company news update

The team at MM and Company are very much here, present, correct and all accounted for waiting patiently till the good times roll again for SURE roll again they will.


Poor Japan they tried so, so, so, very hard to have a normal Olympics, clearly it was not to be, I am sure the competitors will enjoy the games even if it is held behind closed doors so to speak.

Destinations in general

Business continues at pick up albeit at the speed of glacial ice.

That’s it you are fully up to date

Until next week wishing you a GREAT week perhaps the very last week of COVID restrictions. (don’t hold your breath).Just 7days to go till…… well who knows? Will we still wear masks? social distance? Not gather in groups? The mysteries of COVID life.

If you want a vaccination go get one. Hug everybody, NOOOOO not yet 7 days to go, don’t hug everyone only those who are fully vaccinated, shake hands noooooo, wash your hands yesssssss, check the destination traffic light system, I wouldn’t bother to be honest. Go shopping, go to the pub, go out to eat, spend, spend, spend get the country back on a growth trajectory, buy lots of stuff, stay safe, wear a mask. Go to the football, have several tests, prove you have had the tests, get a ticket if you can, watch it on telly.



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