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  • David J Marks


Good Monday morning I hope you are well and keeping warm as the outside temperature continues to plumet to new depths and lows.

Shiver me timbers as the sea dogs amongst us may say, its blooming cold out there.

Frosty, frosty so frosty I said it twice a bit like New York, New York how does the song go? It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas it sure is, I started wiring this Monday morning e mail on Sunday morning the outside was all white with frost for the third day in a row. It is now 10PM on Sunday night and it has been snowing for the past three hours, the snow is settling on cold frozen ground looks like we are in for a bit of disruption tomorrow morning more working from home I guess. Just heard on the news Stansted airport is closed for snow clearing operations and disruptions are on their way to Heathrow and Gatwick, no surprise there first snow of the winter and the place falls apart or maybe I should say continues to fall apart.

The Orion uncrewed space capsule has returned safely to earth (we are not allowed to say unmanned these days) I find the whole space exploration thing fascinating. Looks like the Artemis Program is on track to take a crew to the moon. Watching a rocket launch from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida is on my bucket list.

The USA has finally caught a Libyan national suspected of building the bomb that bought down the Pan Am flight over Lockerbie in 1988 watch out terrorists you can run, and you can hide but eventually you will be bought to book.

Hooo hummmm England is out of The World Cup, enough said, life goes on

That’s it, you are up to date from a David point of view

MM and Company news update


Clem, Luc, Nora and the C Florida Hospitality DMC team have told us that the best two centre Art Deco incentive experience is being made easier with Delta Air Lines restarting its service to Havana, Cuba, with two daily nonstop flights from Miami International Airport (MIA) beginning April 10, 2023. The flights will operate on an Airbus A320 aircraft with a choice of First Class, Delta Comfort+ or Main Cabin. Delta Air Lines made its return to the Cuban market in 2016 after a 55-year hiatus, but suspended service in March 2020 in response to COVID-19

And as things wind down to refocus attention on office Christmas parties the destination news gets a bit thin on the ground till the second week of January

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