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  • David J Marks

Dateline Monday 11th September 2023

Good morning lovely people I hope all is well, today is a good day, in fact every day is a good day even when it isn’t, there is always a reason why a day is a good day but sometimes you just have to look a little bit harder to find the reason.

OMG how amazing was the weather last week, summer arrived just two months too late, Ok so this week is not going to be so hot which will naturally be disappointing for me at least as you probably know by now I simply love the heat and the sunshine. As the summer does start to leave the UK, I am buoyed by the fact that come mid-October I will be in Duba and Abu Dhabi with Jyoti, Christina, Candy and the team at TRAVCO DMC.

Mother Nature has shown who is boss once again, the terrible photos and news video of the destruction in Morocco was awful to see especially as I have some great friends in Marrakech at

Visit Morocco DMC thankfully they are all well and accounted for, the earthquake struck late Friday night, Saturday morning, as fortune would have it we had a UK group of 50 guests who left Marrakech on Friday morning (phew)

The G7 Jamboree is over for another year, the symbolism showed by India highlighting India’s culture and Hinduism was fascinating and interesting to see, on the visit to the Temple we saw our Rishi bare foot and The Prez Potus (Mr Biden) in white hotel type slippers was just one way India’s son in law Rishi stood out from the crowd. It was interesting to see that Mr Biden popped into Vietnam on his way back to the USA even more interesting to hear him say we don’t want to impede China in any way, but we certainly don’t want to help them too much either, after all we, The World needs a healthy but not too healthy vibrant China in terms of trade.

We must never forget the victims and tragedy of 9/11 in New York on this day in 2001

Ha! the scallywag that absconded from Wandsworth prison is back in prison probably now he is a prison community celebrity, it seems 21-year-olds can be very resourceful, I know that to be true I have myself, Leyla.

And finally I have been “FARAGED” remember when Nigel Farage’s had his bank account closed by Coutts, well one of the Barclays bank account I managed has been closed, I was on the web site and the account wasn’t there I phoned Barclays the call was routed to the “call centre “ of course it was, I was going to use a descriptive adjective just then but it is Monday morning so I refrained, to be told “oh this account t has been closed” why? I asked I was told some nonsense. I said “could I speak to a manager please” “no” was the response “I am working from home“ WTF I was going to ask to speak to his Mum but by then it wasn’t funny. The account has been with Barclays for 34 years and they just decided to close it. The money that was in the account has been sent to me by post. “Spitting feathers” was an understatement. When I finally got through to a higher level the person I spoke to did offer to open a new account for me at Barclays, it would take 7-10 days, I asked “why would I want to open an account with Barclays” the Barclays person I spoke to Nicky agreed with me.

And that’s it, you are up to date from a David point of view.

MM and Company news update

Malta, Prague and Turkey

Jet 2 has announced plans for new routes and additional capacity and extra aircraft from its base at Edinburgh Airport. The new summer schedule for 2024 will have weekly services to Malta from 1st May 2024 great news for Erica, Claudia, Doug, Helga and the team at MI Malta DMC

Jet 2 will also have twice weekly flights from Edinburgh to Prague, good news for Daniel and the team at ITC Prague, not to be left out Muge and the team at Blue DMCare very please to have Jet 2 flying to Antalya six flights per week and to Bodrum two flights per week.


More aviation news this time for Clem Nora and the team at C Florida Hospitality the DMC MM and Company have proudly and successfully been representing since 1997 from May 2024, Condor Airlines’ brand-new flagship Airbus A330-900neo will operate three flights per week from Miami International Airport (MIA) to Frankfurt International Airport (FRA) The planes will include a Business Class with full lie-flat seats and four of its signature Prime Seats. The A330neo will accommodate 310 passengers, comprising four Prime Seats, 26 seats in Business Class, 64 seats in Premium Economy Class and 216 seats in Economy Class.



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