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  • David J Marks


Monday morning greetings on this the beginning of a four day week as Friday is Good Friday next week is a four day week as Easter Monday always follows Good Friday and as such I will not be sending a Monday morning e mail on Tuesday because its is a Monday morning e mail not a Tuesday morning e mail. I hope you and yours are well. Are you on holiday? If you are on holiday or as some people like to call it leave or even vacation (please! we are not in America) why are you looking at work e mails? Stop it, enjoy your chill time. If you are not on holiday and at work Hello😊

This month is a holy month for a lot of people. To all of you that follow the Islamic faith I hope Ramadan is going well. If you are of Jewish persuasion may I wish you all a wonder and kasher Chag of Pesach (Passover )that begins on Good Friday, can I wish everyone else that follows Christianity and wonder full Easter. If none of these apply I wish you an outstanding bank holiday weekend.

The Spring sunshine is back at last, it has been chilly these past couple of weeks for sure so much so that I have taken the tomato seedling plants and cauliflower seedlings upstairs and they currently reside on our heated bathroom floor and they like that a lot the plants are progressing well. I will be publishing update photos on Instagram.

Boris and other leaders popped over to see President Zelensky last week excellent optics for all parties concerned.

Not great optics for Rishi Sunak, he has been in the news for marrying very well indeed. Oh and for being the only Chancellor of the Exchequer with a Green Card to enable him to work in the USA. He’s a lad!

Finally Happy Birthday to my twin brother Simon for Friday 😊

MM and Company news update


Daniel and the ITC DMC team in Prague are delighted to inform you that from Saturday just passed there are no restrictions to travel in and out the Czech Republic Protective measures due to COVID covering entry into the Czech Republic have been suspended. Entry into the Czech Republic is no longer subject to any special COVID conditions. The entry-ban for foreigners from third-countries and the obligation to prove infection-free status have been lifted.


Malta has also been featuring the news as Pope Francis has been in Malta on an official visit. Whilst the Mi Malta DMC team were not involved as a team one of the senior members of the Mi Malta DMC team was in the Pope’s orbit, Helga was part of the choir that performed for the Holy Man.


Its Springtime so it must be Paris, Pascal, Enrica, Melanie, Lisa, Soufiya and the rest of The NACARA DMC team are enjoying the warmth of the Spring sunshine as they go out to vote for the next President of France. The team have been out to see the Cherry trees if full blossom in ad around Notre Dame’s Square Jean XXII they have also checked out the amazing garden of the Trocadero. Finally there is a new inexpensive funky hotel called Mama Shelter East not exactly in the centre of Paris but it is not that far out of the centre either and at around £100 a night Paris is and can be good value, you just have to ask the right DMC.

And that’s it you are once again up to date

Wishing you an outstanding four day work week ahead, and another four day work week next week

If you are going on holiday I wish you an amazing time away, where ever you are going, enjoy😊



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