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  • David J Marks

Dateline Monday 10th June 2024

Happy Monday, good morning and welcome to FLAMING JUNE so called due to the heat of the June sun HA! well that was the case on Saturday horrible dreadful weather Sunday started out quite promising all be it with a chilly breeze and it proved to be a great day so much so I went on a 10 mile walk from home in NW6 to Downing Street SW1 and then walked back I was very tempted to get the tube back from Bond Street but it was such a nice sunny day I walked. I think that was the first and seemingly the last day of Summer 2024  


I hope you are well and that you enjoyed not going to work last Monday. Is half term over? Now that both Leyla and Hannah are done with compulsory full time education, I am a bit lost as to when half term starts and ends. Work last week was a bit quiet, I made phone calls to clients only to get answered by voice mails, e mails were mostly responded to by “I am out of office” e mails. 


The 80th D Day anniversary commemorations were quite spectacular, a landmark ceremony and sadly probably the last that will have D Day veterans attending. The row over Rishi leaving early has been over done he attended the ceremony on the British Beach, Joe Biden was not there he attended the ceremony on the American landing beach. OK the optics were not very good I think he was badly advised I hope the advisor has been shown the Election Exit.


Sad news about Dr Mosley the BBC presenter who died last week, a tragic accident bless him.      

It’s soap box time

Today is the 248TH day of the war in Gaza and the 248th day that Israeli babies, toddles, children, teens, women, men and seniors have been held hostage in the Hamas terror tunnels in Gaza. Netanyahu has not had much success bringing the hostages home since the 100 hostages were set free earlier this year. Sadly last week the Israel Defence Force recovered and repatriated bodies of four of the hostages that were killed then taken to Gaza from the Musci Festival on 7th October, at least the families have closure. Then on Saturday the great news broke that four hostages have been bought out alive and basically perhaps physically well and have been bought back to Israel and reunited with their families.  I do wonder how many hostages are still alive, another I do wonder this time I wonder if the Hamas terrorists that are guarding the hostages and they see the Israeli soldiers coming to save them if Hamas might just execute the hostages out of spite and blood lust.   

Off the soap box now


Congratulations to Mr Modi India’s Prime Minister for the third time but with no majority, the polls were predicting a landslide for the Modi administration, watch out Sir Kier the polls can be wrong and are wrong a lot of the time.  


Europe has gone to the polls for the election to the Europeans Parliament the centre usually wins but the polls are predicting a swing to the right, I fear the polls will be correct on this occasion


That dear reader that is about it from a David point of view for this week at least.


MM and Company news update


Manuel, Lilianna and the team at The EPIC Group DMC Cancun Mexico have told us that Playa Hotels & Resorts, a company that owns and operates all-inclusive resorts in Mexico have reached an agreement with Marriott International Inc. to enhance The Luxury Collection brand in the Mexican Caribbean by introducing Paraiso de la Bonita, a Luxury Collection Adult All-Inclusive Resort, Riviera Maya. Scheduled to launch in late 2024, this resort will be located on 14 acres of beautiful natural surroundings, positioned between a mangrove reserve and the crystal-clear waters of the Mexican Caribbean.

The property is situated in Puerto Morelos, a charming fishing village, just a short 20-minute drive from Cancun International Airport. Puerto Morelos offers a tranquil and serene atmosphere. The resort will have 100 oceanfront suites, along with a wide range of amenities, including a luxurious 22,000-square-foot spa, the resort will feature three restaurants, one of which will boast a 5,000-bottle cellar.


You are now totally up to date; you know as much as I do, wishing you an outstanding week ahead.




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