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  • David J Marks


White Rabbits, it’s the first of the month and the 73rd of Groundhog multi month since the lock down started it is about 103 days since the mass cancellation of events started ☹

Why White Rabbits? We all know the well-known sayings 'pinch punch first day of the month' and 'white rabbits, white rabbits'. They are said to bring people luck if you say them on the first day of the month before midday, but where did they come from? The theories: It originates from Medieval times when people believed in witches. Salt was believed to make witches weak, so the pinch part of the saying is the pinching of the salt and the punch part was to banish the witch once she was weakened by the salt. According to some, president George Washington met local Indian tribes on the first day of each month and at the meeting he would supply fruit punch with an added pinch of salt. This tradition became known as 'pinch and punch on the first of the month'.

Happy Monday morning on this the first day of Flaming June, actually the month of May did quite flaming well in terms of weather, we have had some warm, even hot sunny days in May let’s hope June is indeed flaming hot so at least whilst people furloughed, redundant sadly there are a lot of redundancies around or working part time can enjoy the summer sunshine.

It certainly seems that the lockdown is being eased indeed almost over, watching the TV news on Sunday the beaches were busy the parks were busy, there was a demonstration in Trafalgar Square protesting about the tragic case of the death of George Floyd in the USA there was very little social distancing being observed, all these indicate that people and fed up with the lockdown, I am sure some people don’t want to go back to work.

Another way you can tell lockdown is almost over is that the funnies via what’s app have dried up

So how was last week for you? I don’t think I will ask that question of Boris Johnson our beleaguered Prime Minister, yes beleaguered of his own making. Look I get LOYALTY, it is a quality in very, very short supply, it is a quality I sign up to. The PM is clearly loyal to his right hand man Mr Cummings, the phrase “when you are deep in a hole stop digging comes to mind. Boris has shown loyalty it is now time to limit the damage and let him go, he can always bring him back as a Consultant. However it does seem Dom is safe for the time being.

Stay at home tip number 437

Wearing a mask inside your home is now highly recommended. Not so much to prevent COVID-19 but to stop eating.

Stay at home or in the office this is a multi-use tip number 268

If you keep a glass of wine in each hand, you can’t accidentally touch your face

What excitement waits for you this week? Will the 14 day quarantine be axed?: Will the Schools go back? When will the Barber shop open again questions, questions, questions. I recon the busiest places when all goes back to normal will be the hairdressers, barbers and the Municipal Dump

MM and Company news update

It is all good news


Karl Stephane and the team at Connections DMC Mauritius have told us that since 26th April, no local cases of COVID-19 have been recorded in Mauritius.

Germany, Italy, Spain and Greece

Germany, Italy, Spain and Greece are beginning to ease their lock down.

All we need now is the planes to start flying again and for the Government to come to their senses and clarify or revoke the proposed quarantine idea of 14 days isolation after an overseas trip.

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