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  • David J Marks


Happy, if a little chilly and blowie, Monday morning greetings from me in the MM and Company office located in London W10 , I hope you are well. For the record and to keep a running total today is the 52nd day of Groundhog multi month.

Tell me what was the highlight for you of the week just gone? Any landmarks achieved? Did you do a job that needed to be done for ages? OK what happened to the sunny, dry, warm weather? it was cold and wet only saw the sun and felt a bit of heat on Friday but OMG what a beautiful Saturday, if you follow me on Face book or Instagram I was out on my bike and took some theme related photos .

So the lockdown is shifting or is it? Who knows, it seems The Government don’t really know how or what to do. I think the Government were bounced into making some sort of announcement by Sir Kir (bring back bubbling Jeremy Corbin) Leader of The Opposition. They clearly have not got all their ducks in a row, Boris says if you can’t work from home go to work, then Rab tells us not today but Wednesday. Oh dear I am sure there is going to be LOTS more blundering about when lockdown is eased. One more thing, well lots more but I am sure you do not want to hear my rantings on a Monday morning, come on 14 days in Quarantine if you pop over to Vienna for the weekend to enjoy the sights, and to have some Wiener Schnitzel, apple strudel and hot chocolate. Come on get a grip BoJo.

Even though we are in lockdown May 8th VE Day Victory in Europe Day was commemorated in many ways that we the British do so well.

At 10AM the Red Arrows flew over Buckingham Palace streaming their signature red, white and blue smoke as they flew, I do not think there was much publicity about the fly past to keep the crowds away, however living where I do I heard the Red Arrows but did not see them. If I had known I would have biked over to Buck House, only takes about half an hour to get there from home.

MM and Company news update

All the DMCs MM and Company represent are eagerly waiting by their phones and computers. We did get a request for November 2021 for JAPAN yyyaaayyyy. James of The J Team DMC almost fell off his perch when it appeared on his screen. It was a great excuse to crack open a bottle or two of fizz. Hummm don’t think we really need an excuse do we?

And that’s it you are up to date, wishing you an amazing week.

Stay safe, stay healthy and STAY AT HOME or perhaps go to work or maybe better still go out and exercise the whole day, just tell the Law Boris said it was OK 😊

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