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  • David J Marks

DATELINE MONDAY 4th May 2020 also known STAR WARS DAY

Monday morning greetings from me, I hope you are well. No I am not just saying that, I really, really do hope you are well and not gone down with any of this wretched COVID 19 stuff.

For the record and to keep a running total today is the 45th of Groundhog multi month. So how was last week for you, what happened to the sunny, dry, warm weather? it was cold and wet only saw the sun and felt a bit of heat on Friday.

What excitement waits for you this week? Wash the car again, mow the lawn again, the dog is knackered and he has hidden the lead refusing to go for yet another walk so do you take the goldfish for a walk? Don’t take he tortoise for a walk: by the time you get home lockdown will be over.

I am having a great time, talking to our DMCs and clients, posting stuff on Facebook and Instagram, plus I have decided after 24 years representing DMCs; it is time I sorted out the office, I am chucking stuff that I have kept for far too long. It is amazing how quickly the time goes, I simply cannot believe it has been 24 years since MM and Company started. We still don’t know when the lock down will be eased, it will happen sooner or later. I was wondering what area of our lives will be the busiest when it does happen will it be the hairdressers or the recycling centre aka The Dump. Would love to hear your thoughts.

GREAT NEWS people we have a BANK HOLIDAY on Friday, a day off WHAT? ANOTHER DAY OFF Yaayyyy, please don’t go to work on Friday it will be May 8th VE Day Victory in Europe Day when World War II in Europe was finally over.

Isolation tip number 867 once a week discard your PJs, sweat pants and jogging bottoms, wear jeans then you will know what has been happening during lock down and you will know if you have to use another type of lock this time on the FRIDGE 😊

MM and Company news update

Nassos of AME DMC Greece the DMC we have been representing for 20 years sent us this so I thought I would share it with you

This is the BRIEF Update from the Greek Prime Minister & Greek Government on 29th April 2020

1. All Lockdown to be cancelled from 4th of May 2020

2. All Small Shops reopen from 4th of May 2020

3. All Small Remaining Shops reopen from 11th of May 2020

4. All High Schools (Lyceum – Older Pupils 15 to 17yrs) reopen from 11th of May 2020

5. All High Schools (Gymnasia – Remaining Pupils 12 to 14yrs) reopen from 18th of May 2020

6. All Archaeological Sites reopen from 18th of May 2020

7. All Hotels that are open 365 days a year, will reopen from 1st of June 2020 i.e Athens Hotels

8. All Hotels that are open during the summer months (Greek Islands), will reopen from 1st of July 2020 (some may open earlier TBA)

9. All Remaining Shops & Malls will reopen from 1st of June 2020

10. All Restaurants in Greece etc. will reopen from 1st of June 2020 with Distancing Tables, Outdoors only

And that’s it you are up to date,

Wishing you an amazing week of either lock down chilling, cooking, cleaning, sorting, chucking out and furlough type activities or a great four day week at work trying to find things to do 😊 unless of course you can tell me otherwise. Oh and finally the only real way to end my Monday e mail on Star Wars Day is may the force be with you today and every day.

Stay safe, stay healthy and STAY AT HOME

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