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  • David J Marks


Monday morning greetings from The Linen House Kilburn Lane London W10, yes I am still going into the office I self-isolate in the car and I self-isolate in the office, everyone else is on furlough, so at least I can get out of the house. We are told by the Government that only essential work should be done I am sure you will agree with me that my Monday morning e mail to you is essential to the Conference and Incentive market place

So what Groundhog day it is today? on 16th March people had been told to avoid all non-essential contact with others and four days later, on 20th March, all bars, pubs, cafes and restaurants were closed. Then all schools were closed. So I recon the real lock down started on 20th March when all pubs, bars and restaurants were closed so it must be 38th of Groundhog today

I heard a great quote made by actor Jamie Foreman’s father describing when you are earning money or not earning money I want to share it with you “some days its chicken and some days all you got is feathers”. Last year we had chicken fried, roasted, sautéed, baked, barbequed, in salads and sandwiches this year it looks like we are going to able to fill several king sized duvets whilst losing a lot of weight 😊 or is it ☹

David update ssshhhh I manged to get a haircut, I found a barber operating on the Dark Web or was it on the Black Market?

This Monday morning e mail is only sent to people in the Conference and Incentive industry I call FRIENTS it’s a David word meaning clients that have over the years become friends I could have used the word CLENDS but I think frients sounds nicer.

SO can I ask for your HELP please? In these mad, crazy and bonkers COVID 19 times I would REALLY like to know if you are in the office to read this or you are reading it whilst you work from home or as you are on furlough you cannot reply to me due to being prevented from doing any work whatsoever even responding to my Monday morning e mail which for me is bonkers it’s not work it’s just keeping in touch.

Any way please let me know if

you are in the office

working from home

furloughed if you can

or you are looking for your next employment challenge


MM and Company news update

Oh a bit of GOOD, POSITIVE NEWS, positive news I guess is always good

One of the DMCs MM and Company represent has a cancelled / postponed request revived, yaayyyy so much so that an NDA has been signed so I cannot tell you any more except that has to be good news. Hope springs eternal

And that’s it you are up to date.

Wishing you an amazing week of either lock down chilling, cooking, cleaning and sorting out furlough type activities or a great week at work trying to find things to do 😊 unless of course you can tell me otherwise .

Stay safe, stay healthy and STAY AT HOME, unless like me the world cannot do without your productivity, well that’s what I tell the family when I go to the office.

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