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  • David J Marks


Happy day for whatever day you want it to be and very special Happy Birthday greetings to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Second her birthday is tomorrow Tuesday, Her Majesty was born in a house on Bruton Street London W1 on 21st April 1926 wishing her many happy returns. Very sensibly The Queen has cancelled her 21 gun salute, she is a very sensible Monarch.

I hope you had a terrific Happy Easter and an awesome Pesach if that applies to you. This week on Thursday to be precise sees the start of Ramadan so if you are part of the community that celebrates this festival may I wish you a safe and healthy Ramadan.

What are you missing the most about the lockdown besides going to the office? I am missing my regular three weekly visit to the Barber Shop, I soon will resemble the wild man of Borneo and I am desperate for a hair cut.

A thought occurred to me, as flights are few and far between, as hotels, bars, clubs, restaurants, museums, attractions and venues are shut I have a question; is ANYONE OUT THERE in Conference, Incentives and Events land? If you are let me hear you say YEAH

MM and Company news update

I have an update from all the DMC that MM and Company represent I asked them how much business was confirmed for the next three months from the UK and Ireland the report is below :- 😊

Our DMCs

Abu Dhabi & Dubai, SNTTA – لا شيئ Le shay

Malta, Mi Malta – xejn

Austria, e+o meeting, event & travel - nichts

Mauritius, Connections - nanier

Budapest, Cosmos DMC – semmi

Morocco, Visit Morocco – لا شيئ Le shay and rien

Central America, Quetzal Motivo – nada

New York, Details NYC – nothing

Cancun, EPIC Group – nada

Prague, ITC Travel DMC – nic

China Motivate China - 没有 Méiyǒu

Romania Premiere Events - nimic

Florida, C Florida Hospitality – nothing

Russia, Russian Event – Это ничто Eto nichto

Paris, France, Nacara DMC – rien

Slovakia, Enjoy Slovakia – nijako

South of France Phenix Events – rein

South Africa, The Inside Edge-niks nothing

Monaco Phenix Events – rien

Spain, TA Spain – nada

Germany, germanyinsight Frankurt – nichts

Turkey, Blue DMC – hiçbir şey değil

Germany germanyinsight Berlin – nichts

Greece, AME Greece – τίποτα típota

Japan, The J Team – 何もない Nanimonai

So if any of you need any help in planning an event in any of the above destinations, the DMC teams are all available and waiting to work with you Well I thought this might bring a smile or two, it took me blooming ages to find the word for “nothing” in so many languages.

At least it gave me an excuse to list all the DMCs MM and Company represent.

Stay safe and stay healthy and STAY AT HOME.

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