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  • David J Marks


Good morning I hope you are fit, fine, wonderful, well and untouched by COVID 19. I really, really, really hope you are untouched by COVID 19, I have had first hand of what this dreadful virus is all about and its not nice, not nice at all, even the mild form of it I can totally assure you, you do not want it.

About 10 days ago I started to cough, I thought “hello” luckily it only lasted a couple of days so I didn’t take much notice of it, then over the weekend I started to feel unwell and I guessed that it’s a bit of man flu. Last Monday Sandra, Subhani and I, whilst keeping our distance in the office, we finished preparing a planned Easter mailing, having got the 200 mail pieces ready for collection by Royal Mail we all decided it would be better that MM and Company decamped to working from home. Not a moment too soon as by Monday afternoon I was feeling a lot worse in fact I guess I had been fighting whatever it was, once we all decamped home the fight was no longer relevant and I kind of accepted that COVID 19 might have arrived in North West London as by Monday afternoon I had a bit of a temperature.

As I am not a Prince of The Realm or a Member of Her Majesty’s Government I am not privileged to have had a COVID 19 test I do however have a very good friend who is a Professor of Cardiology in a very large hospital. Stephen knew I had been feeling a bit rough of late I told him my symptoms, he asked lots of questions and then delivered his diagnosis. “David you have COVID 19” stay at home, that was a given I had no wish, desirer or strength to do anything else, drink plenty of water and take paracetamol, Stephen said “if your cough gets worse or you have trouble breathing call 999”.

Today is day seven, thank the dear sweet Lord for paracetamol they are awesome certainly do make a difference I top up every four hours. There is a great side effect to COVID 19; my appetite has gone straight out the window so far, I have lost over half a stone. I have become nil by mouth can’t face food at all.

The end of March is nigh, Spring has finally sprung although by the wonderful weather we had in the South of the UK Spring weather arrived last week. Did you remember to put the clocks forward on Saturday night? Not that it mattered much if you didn’t, in these days of nothing going on I don’t supposed it mattered if you were an hour early to do nothing or an hour late to do nothing too.

MM and Company news update

Not easy to put a positive spin on the fact that almost every conference, incentive, group and event booked over the past twelve months has either been cancelled, postponed or rescheduled for some undetermined date in the future.

Not easy to put a positive spin on the fact that there is no income whatsoever and the only thing MM and Company has are outgoings,

There is some positive news, we received a new request for the Mi Malta DMC team last week for an event in September.

So I did a spread sheet of how much it costs to run MM and Company and how much it costs to keep my girls in the manner to which they have become accustomed against how much money I have in the bank. I have discovered the I have ENOUGH MONEY for the rest of my life so long as I die by 1st July 2020 😊

That’s it you are now fully up to date. I hope your week will see you staying in full health and hopefully busy, take care 😊

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