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  • David J Marks


Happy Monday morning and Happy St Patrick’s Day for tomorrow to our Irish friends, I hope you are fit, fine, wonderful, well, cool and COVID 19 free, in my world the glass is ALWAYS half full, never ever half empty although as this Covid-19 nightmare continues the glass is beginning to think it’s half empty, I won’t let that happen.

Corona virus is getting scarily close, I can feel the Corona critters breathing down my neck all singing “we are coming to get you”

It is clear that March and April are lost overseas conference, incentive and event months, in fact not wanting to be selfish and self centered they are lost months for everyone unless you are in the grocery business, supplying or selling or in the toilet roll and hand sanitising business then you are doing well . Hopefully the months of May and June as the sun will be shining “hope will spring eternal” and by September everything that we lost in the first quarter of the year will have come back and reconfirmed. However whilst we all have our health and we all have our loved ones then we are in a better place than many other people in the world.

We at MM and Company have our business challenges so do many of our conference, incentive and event agency clients as well as our freelance friends and my thoughts are with you ALL. I simply cannot imagine what the hotels, airlines, bars, restaurants, clubs cinemas, theatres, football clubs with much, much higher overheads than us are going to cope and to still be in business in a few months’ time.

MM and Company together with the awesome “A Lister” DMCs we represent have been delivering outstanding events, conferences, incentives and events to you and your clients for over twenty three years, we WILL be here when the good times return, I wonder if the new start-up representation companies that have recently been set up by people that used to be in the hotel or airline business will be. Recently so many people leave their jobs or get made redundant go off and set up representation companies because they think it is easy, well it ain’t, I guess they are finding that out right now, I wish them well.

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Malta and Mauritius

YIKKESSSS sales calls season has just been postponed, Claudia Cassar, Director of Mi Malta DMC and Stephane Louise, Operations Manager of Connections DMC Mauritius were due in next week sadly they have been forced to postpone their visit

France and Turkey

Next month Pascal Roulland of Nacara DMC France and Muge Altug of Blue DMC Turkey are due to be in the UK, those plans are under review we are still hoping that this Covid 19 will be a bad dream by then, stay tuned for more information

And now for some perspective on the situation

That’s it you are now fully up to date, stay safe, stay healthy, stay sane, this will soon all be over one way or another.

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