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  • David J Marks


Good morning hope all is well with you and yours.

How are you coping on this lovely Monday morning? I’m not referring to coping with the fact that it’s Monday again because we cope with that every week, I’m talking about COVID-19. Bring back BREXIT 😊 onto the news headline. The media are talking Covid 19 Corona virus into a frenzy with people panic buying, stock markets dropping and drop kicking us all into a potential recession.

Challenges all over the World, what’s happening in Northern Italy with sixteen million people under quarantine, transport locked down could happen anywhere just the thought of being locked down in a hotel, cruise ship or even home is something I do not want to contemplate. Bad news that FlyBe has finally been grounded, is this the first business victim of Coronavirus, for sure it won’t be the last. OK FlyBe wasn’t in great shape before the virus thing but that was the final straw that broke the camel’s back for sure.

Our industry is in for a rough ride the longer this thing continues and if it gets out of hand then what? I know you guys have had cancellations because it follows when you have cancellations, we have cancellations and the sad news is there is nothing we can do about it. We have to batten down the hatches to survive another day. Each time we get a cancellation two songs spring to mind, Queen “Another one bites the dust” and the 1998 one hit wonder from Chumba Wamba, “I get knocked down but I get up again”. But we at MM and Company are not going to stop promoting the terrific DMCs that we represent because for sure sooner or later, hopefully sooner, this will all be over and written in the history books. Then UK Corporate PLC will realise they need to get their teams together to set recovery strategy and sales plans, they will have to reinvigorate the sales force, to launch and relaunch products to their clients in amazing destinations around the World and that’s where you guys, MM and Company together with the awesome A list DMCs we represent will come into play once again, but until then we live from day to day. The only light at the end of the tunnel which is very dark at the moment is that we are quoting and preparing proposals for events, conferences and incentives to materialise in 2021.

On Monday night and Tuesday the Jewish festival of Purim happens and if that means anything to you, I wish you Purim Sameach.

MM and Company news DMC News* MM and Company News * Destination News*

Malta and Mauritius Sales calls season is about to begin Claudia Cassar, Director of Mi Malta DMC is coming over to meet up with past, present and future conference and incentive clients during the last week of March, coinciding with a visit from Stephane Louise, Operations Manager of Connections DMC Mauritius. So we have combined the two visits for a number of reasons, both destinations begin with M and we are after all MM and Company, both destinations are amazing islands and fortunately don’t compete with each other, it also make perfect sense from a presentation perspective and good use of time for our clients.

France and Turkey The team and I at MM and Company are looking forward to April when Pascal Roulland of Nacara DMC France and Muge Altug of Blue DMC Turkey are going to visit the UK to meet with past, present and future clients. It’s always great when our DMCs come to visit us and their clients , there’s always lots going on in Paris especially and Istanbul, Bodrum and Antalya. Both Pascal and Muge will have an update on their respective destinations. Whenever we announce that senior management of DMCs that MM and Company represent are coming to the UK, we get a huge amount of interest, please let me know as soon as possible if you would like an update on Paris and Istanbul, two amazing cities.

And that’s it you are up to date with the goings on at MM and Company.

Wishing you a cancellation free week ahead.

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