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  • David J Marks


Good morning Happy Monday I hope you have dried out since the weekend wet weather or what?

Happy BELATED Valentine’s Day I hope you are well and have recovered from the many paper cuts and repetitive strain injuries from opening all your Valentine’s Day cards and gifts. I had to call the council for another paper recycle wheelie bin for ALL the envelope I had to open I kept the cards of course. I went to see our postman on Sunday he is in hospital suffering with a slipped disc from carrying all the cards to my front door yeah in your dreams David 😊

Corona virus boredom has set in, look I am sad for the people it has effected or it is affected in fact this virus thing has had an effect on the whole world. Trade is slowing, the “just in time” ordering system is getting screwed up as factories are closed down and in quarantine in China, lots of components for industry arrives “just in time” from China.

The Singapore Government was saying they may fall into recession due to the Virus and its effect. BA, Cathay Pacific and other airlines have cut or stopped flying into China yikeeees! Trips are being put on hold or cancelled, and I think that has a lot to do with elements of the conference or incentive trip evoking cancellation clauses, so instead of incurring cancellation charges down stream the stakeholder has cancelled the trip way in advance of its departure date to avoid losing deposits or payments. Even when the start date of the event is way in the future when this Corona Virus thing may be history. The latest news is the Mobile Phone World Congress in Barcelona due to run from February 24th -29th has been cancelled after health concerns in the wake of the coronavirus. How many more casualties will follow?

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Nassos Stephenson the Business Development Manager of AME DMC Greece has told me that AME DMC Greece has launched a new website its pretty cool and very comprehensive on what Greece is all about as a destination for conferences and incentives.

France and Turkey

The team and I at MM and Company are looking forward to April when Pascal Roulland of Nacara DMC France and Muge Altug of Blue DMC Turkey are going to visit the UK to meet with past, present and future clients. It’s always great when our DMCs come to visit us and their clients , there’s always lots going on in Paris especially and Istanbul, Bodrum and Antalya. Both Pascal and Muge will have an update on their respective destinations. Whenever we announce that senior management of DMCs that MM and Company represent are coming to the UK, we get a huge amount of interest, please let me know as soon as possible if you would like an update on Paris and Istanbul, two amazing cities.

And that’s it you are totally up to date wishing you an amazing week ahead

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