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  • David J Marks


Happy Monday, although it seems to be a bit of an unhappy world at the moment, all this Coronavirus talk is not good for a lot of people but I would imagine Corona Extra beer brewed in Mexico management must be quite pleased that everybody is about Corona. I went out with some friends on Thursday night and all we drank was Corona Extra Beer brewed in Mexico with several huge wedges of lime.

Wow was it wild, wet and windy weather at the weekend or what? Storm Ciara showed everyone who was in charge. I went out for a run as usual on Sunday morning I shaved 85 seconds of my normal time for 8KM I was propelled along with the help of the strong winds. They say, the Newscasters that is that a British Airways jet arrived from New York an hour earlier than scheduled due to the strong Atlantic winds pushing it along.

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France and Turkey

The team and I at MM and Company are looking forward to April when Pascal Roulland of Nacara DMC France and Muge Altug of Blue DMC Turkey are going to visit the UK to meet with past, present and future clients. It’s always great when our DMCs come to visit us and their clients, there’s always lots going on in Paris especially and Istanbul, Bodrum and Antalya. Both Pascal and Muge will have an update on their respective destinations. Whenever we announce that senior management of DMCs that MM and Company represent are coming to the UK, we get a huge amount of interest, please let me know as soon as possible if you would like an update on Paris and Istanbul, two amazing cities.

If you need an awesome DMC anywhere in the world please let me know, I am sure the MM and Company team can help find a solution that works.

And that’s it you are totally up to date wishing you an amazing week ahead

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