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  • David J Marks


Monday morning greetings from London W10, hope you’re well. Happy February, to be fair I wasn’t sorry to see the back of January although we and our DMCs were quite busy, January tends to be a challenging month.

Yesterday was 02-02-2020 spooky 😊

It’s about this time of year when I think to myself, I have had enough of being cold and I need some warm sunshine. The weekend has been quite mild, the daffs are in the shops; 99p a bunch. Some of the supermarkets even doing buy one get one free. Give it another couple of weeks and the daffs will be bright, breezy, yellow and orange growing on the roadside, a sign of good things to come.


Have you seen the new “we are out of the EU Brexit 50p coin yet? Britain is an island once again, still connected to the EU by the tunnel but that is about it, a good thing? A bad thing? Time will tell and history will report.

MM and Company news DMC News* MM and Company News * Destination News*

Malta and Mauritius

Sales calls season is about to begin; Claudia Cassar, Director of Mi Malta DMC is coming over to meet up with past present and future conference and incentive clients during the last week of March, this time coincides with a visit from Stephane Louise, Operations Manager of Connections DMC Mauritius so we have combined the two visits for a number of reasons, both destinations begin with M and we are after all MM and Company, both destinations are amazing islands and fortunately don’t compete with each other it also make perfect sense from a presentation perspective and good use of time for our clients.

A vacancy

Our search continues, as you may know Katharine has left us and is happily working as an administrator for a local school near where she lives I spoke to Katharine the other day she is loving her new challenge and loving her 7 minute commute to work. We are on the hunt for Katharine’s replacement, the job is on LinkedIn, we have had a couple of responses, not enough, so if you know anybody that wants to join us let me know. My next port of call would be an agency but it’s still a bit too early in the search.

And that is about it, don’t forget if we can help you source a DMC in Malta, Mexico, Mauritius, Spain, Slovakia or South Africa or indeed any destination where you need the expert local knowledge of an experienced DMC please let me know.

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