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  • David J Marks


Good Monday morning, is that a statement or does it need a question mark, you decide. We are half way through January that’s almost unbelievable but a fact. It’s been a bit of a quiet news week this week, the Harry and Meghan story rumbles on, if that is indeed a story. It’s clear that the people in charge of the news have got fed up of the Australian fires even though they are raging. Now they are reporting floods, hailstones and copious quantities of rain in Oz poor people.

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China and Romania

Two DMCs that MM and Company have worked with over a number of years have asked us to represent them, Barbara Wang Managing Director of Motivate China DMC, I have known for fifteen years, we are very excited to have signed the agreement with Barbara and the team at Motivate China DMC.

Nikos of Premiere Destinations DMC ROMANIA have asked MM and Company to represent them, Nikos I have known for nineteen years, he is definitely one of the good guys in the industry. Romania is one of those destinations in Europe that clients know about but have not yet operated in the destination, there is no excuse now, Premier Destinations DMC Romania have been established fifteen years, they are the go to DMC for Romania.


I was there last week, MM and Company have been representing Budapest since 1999, I worked out that my trip to Budapest was my twenty first visit to this amazing capital city in Europe. When I first went there, there was The Marriott, The Hilton and The Intercontinental, now there are well over a dozen five star hotel brands in Budapest. The city has announced another new hotel under construction, part of the Autograph collection, a 229 bedroom hotel is being built at the moment. the hotel will feature a sky restaurant with views over the Danube. If we can help with your next event in Budapest, please let me know, MM and Company has twenty years’ experience in the destination.

That’s it you are now totally and utterly up to date, wishing you an outstanding week at the C&I coalface. Oh one more thing please go bask to the DMC news bit, we have started representing DMCs in China and Romania. Finally as you know we work with amazing DMCs worldwide, if you need help in Malta, Austria, Greece, South Africa, Dubai, Mauritius or other destinations please let me know

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