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  • David J Marks


Good morning, Happy Monday I hope you are well. If you have just come back from your winter sun holiday or your skiing holiday welcome back I hope you had a great time wherever you were, and now finally for this year at least Happy New Year, happy new decade, happy new week.

If you missed last week’s Monday morning e mail let me know I will resend it.

The year has started off with a bang, literally. Well several bangs to be honest and we are not talking of bedroom antics, the first obliterated a number of unpleasant individuals in Iran swiftly followed by numerous bangs from Iran that as I understand from the news happily only made a lot of noise and hurt no one.

What is it with belligerent military personnel? Can they not tell a Typhon or MiG or F16 from a Boeing 737 passenger jet, come on it cannot be a co incidence that whilst Iran was merrily shooting missiles over to USA bases in Iraq that a passenger airline crashes, such a tragedy OK it has yet to be proven but Boeing 737 (excluding the MAX) is a very safe aircraft. OK lets wait to see what the cover up says er I mean the report from the Iranian air crash investigators say.

I wrote that bit on Friday and now as I finish this on Saturday evening the regime in Iran have come clean and admitted it was shot down by one of their missiles, OK by accident but it was still shot down and they abruptly ended the lives of 176 innocent men, women and children, that truly is a tragedy of huge proportions.

A very quick 24 hour site inspection trip has come up, I depart Gatwick Sunday morning, Gatwick is a pain to get to I had to leave home at 5AM) over to a destination I know very well indeed, so as you read this I will be flying back to be in the office Monday afternoon. More on my site inspection next week 😊

MM and Company news DMC News* MM and Company News * Destination News*

Last week I mentioned that we have started representing two great DMC friends Nikos and his team at Premiere Events DMC in ROMANIA and Barbara Wang and her team at Motivate China.

Last week we received our first request for Barbara Wang and Motivate China so if you out there have a conference or incentive request that could working in Romania please let me know anything that we could.

Sadly Katharine has decided to leave MM and Company and working with us for six years, the one hour plus commute has finally done her it she has a new job as an administrator in a school that is only eight minutes’ drive from her home, I guess you can’t blame her. I am looking to recruit a new sales professional so if you know anyone who maybe has been working in a hotel sales department and that person needs a change of environment please point them my way.

Well that is about it you are now up to date wishing you an awesome week ahead.

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