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  • David J Marks


Monday morning warm greetings from London W10, I hope you are well.

Can you believe there are only two more Monday mornings to go until things grind to a halt, the third Monday morning is the 23rd December and as you clock in for the final working week of the year, I will be meeting up with Shaun, Brad and the team at The Inside Edge South Africa; the DMC MM and Company have been proudly representing for 21 years, for a refresher site inspection in South Africa. It’s been a few years since I have been to South Africa and lots of new developments are happening especially in Cape Town.

By this time next Monday, we will know who will be leading the country or will we? Will it be another hung parliament? Will it be another coalition? Will it be a government national unity (fat chance)? Still all to play for, it seems like the liberal democrats are taking a bashing, the Brexit party are being bashed, now who does that leave, the greens, blues and the reds, dog’s breakfast springs to mind.

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Germany Frankfurt

Eva and the team at Cornerstone Meetings part of Germanyinsight have told us that there are two major European Pharmaceutical congresses being held in Frankfurt next year.

EULAR Frankfurt 03.06.2020

EHA Frankfurt 11-14.06.2020

Both of these congresses are very well attended and event space, hotels, transport services all get booked up very quickly indeed. If any of your clients are attending these two events and need event space, accommodation, ground services etc. may I suggest that you contact Eva on your clients behalf as soon as possible, Frankfurt will be full.

South Africa

Shaun, Brad and the team at The Inside Edge tell me that the Lions Tour of South Africa has been announced kicking off at the Cape Town stadium on Saturday 3rd July all the way through to Saturday 7th August finishing up in Johannesburg. The Lions Tour will have an added frisson over the fact the South Africa are Rugby World Champions. Brad and Shaun are expecting a huge amount of interest in the Lions Tour of South Africa. For further information contact us at MM and Company or Brad at The Inside Edge

That is about it you are up to date wishing you an outstanding week at work

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